30th Nov 2009, 11:49

I have had tranny and moon roof break, and many more problems. These cars are crap. I loved it when I first got it, but now it's a clunker...

3rd Feb 2010, 18:22

I got a white 99 Cougar about 3 years ago. I loved it like everyone else on here, and then about 4-5 months after I got it, the alternator went. I got a new one from Aids Auto and had it installed, and 3 days later I was driving and the car turned off on me while I was driving it. I had to have that alternator taken out, and the new one put in (and anyone that has seen this done knows this is a BIG job, because the whole front right side of the car has to be taken apart to put the alternator in). That cost me over $800.

Then the car was running great, with the exception of the tires having to be replaced very often, but I don't think that has much to do with the car.

Then today, I was driving it and in the middle of the road, the car stopped running. It was running, but when I pressed the gas the car did NOTHING. I'm pretty sure the transmission is blown, in which case I am replacing the car.

It's a beautiful car (looks wise) and I really do love it, and would recommend it as a first car to any kids needing a nice looking cheap car, but not one you want to hold on to for too long, because I am going to wind up paying more to fix it than I did to buy it.

13th Apr 2010, 19:02

I just purchased a 99 Cougar, and I love it. Handles well, will do 130 easily.

I had the same problem with the interior fan only working on the 4 selection. There is a load resistor on the firewall, inside, passenger side that is held on with one screw. $17 bucks list. The car has a lot of sensors on everything, so if when one talks about current in milliamps or a leaky transistor or bad ground, those will cause the engine light to come on.

It is a sound car, but does need to be taken care of. The resale value is high also.

What you never see is the people who have purchased these cars, and never had problems. Yes I see a lot of issues about our car, but like anything else, just a little loving care and it will always get you where you want to go.

30th Apr 2010, 13:56

I bought a 1999 Mercury Cougar back in 2006. It had 135000 miles when purchased. It is the 2.5L V-6 Duratech engine. My car now has 156000 miles and is running great. I have had some problems out of it, but nothing that is not just normal wear and tear.

The blower motor resistor, the one that makes fan speed 1-3 work was out when I bought the car; that was a 60 dollar fix.

The power steering pressure line blew at 136000; that was a 40 dollar fix.

Also the O2 sensor went out at about 140000 miles; that was a 60 dollar fix.

The alternator went out at 145000; that was 100 dollars.

The check engine light came on at 146000 for the catalytic converter; that is a 750 dollar job. It is not one that I am going to have done; if anything I will get the catalytic converter bored out. The down side to that is you will have a loud car.

At the same time, the EGR valve went out; again not something that needs to be replaced, unless you live in a place where they have emissions tests with the yearly inspection. If I wanted to fix it, the price would be 350 dollars.

The water pump went out at 155500; that was a 250 dollar fix.

If your brake light comes on, it could mean that your brake pads need to be replaced. It could also mean that someone, either before you bought the car or someone that you took the car to for brake repair, cut the sensor wire, as happened to the people who had the car before I did.

The door lock problem can be fixed with a can of lithium grease. If you take the door panel off, there is a gear inside the door that you can spray and it will fix that problem.

Overall I would say that this is a very good car. It has its goods and its bads, like all other cars. It seems to me that I made the right decision in getting a 5-speed and not an automatic.

29th Aug 2010, 08:32

Transmission sensors!!! If your car is jerking and your alternator is new, it's not your transmission, but the sensor. Trust me $150.

6th Dec 2010, 11:49

I bought the car when it had 20,000 miles on it and have always ran it with synthetic oil. It's now at 140,000 miles. During that time, I've installed 2 alternators, have had a few issues with the oxygen sensors, and had the sunroof motor replaced at 6 years ago. Had some bearings replaced. Just recently had to replace the hood cable as it broke. I don't count the typical tire replacements and a few batteries as it's not been excessive, just standard wear.

It's been a pretty good car for me. I think what's made the difference is I got it when it was still essentially a new car, and I didn't buy someone's "problem".

22nd Mar 2011, 11:25

I have recently bought a 99 Cougar with the 4 cylinder 5 speed on September 22 2010.

I have had no problems with it besides now I have to put a wheel bearing in it. I have had problems with the tranny, but that cleared up after changing the fluid.

I believe that it is a good strong running car. I have ran it hard and still no problems. The only major problem that I ran it to is the head that they put on it they stopped making the valve cover for. No problem to me.

I really recommend this car to others.