1st Sep 2008, 17:39

I bought a 1999 Cougar 3 months ago. It ran great.

I drove from az to mass. and back, but I've done nothing but fix this thing. Now it won't start - engine light kept flashing and the car was shaky, but once it warmed up it ran fine, but now it's not starting at all. I found a hose from the intake to the PCV that had completely rotted and 3 different mechanics didn't notice for some reason, one being a dealership in Massachusetts, any idea what why it cranks but won't start?

20th Oct 2008, 16:34

I have a '99 Cougar V6, with the check engine light on, of course. Low threshold on the cat, same as usual. It's been on for 3 years now. First time I had the front 2 cats replaced for about 1000$, but now I just have them clear the code so the light is off long enough for my smog exam. Still passes fine.

Currently it is in the shop as there is a leak in the oil pan and it was dripping on the manifold. This caused a burning smell that came thru the vents and some smoke. An oil pan that can drip on the manifold seems terribly short sighted.

1st Nov 2008, 09:30

Does anyone know how to put the car back in time once I change the timing belt? Thank you!

18th Nov 2008, 13:26

I bought my cougar this summer from my parents and it only has 63000 miles on it. Anyways the check engine light came on and I read that it was an emission problem. I was broke so I left it for now. Anyways a few months later I thought the battery died. So I replaced the battery and the check engine light was OFF!!! So I think just removing the battery and putting it back in might reset the check engine light. But I don't know for sure. And it turns out it was my alternator not the battery. The alternator cost me 600cdn to replace because of the horrible location on the engine but anyways. Ya try the battery removal to see if the engine light goes off. It's much cheaper than paying to replace a sensor anyway but if it doesn't work sorry I guess I just got lucky. Sort of... lol.

20th Dec 2008, 00:24

I have a 99 Cougar, it has a problem about EGR when I went to Autozone, they said it`ll cost about $100 to change. And also there is a suspension problem on the left back wheel. I changed 1 alternator. My advice: Don`t buy any American cars, just go and buy a Japanese car.

22nd Dec 2008, 17:18

Journeyman: your car is not a spring chicken anymore. It might be gunked up pretty bad. I would to run some Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment for a few tanks. It should clean injectors and clean carbon deposits from valves etc. That and the EGR suggestion might bring it back to normal.

31st Dec 2008, 17:20

Sad to say, also an owner of a '99 Cougar with similar issues. Would be nice if Merc would step up and take responsibility for their mistakes. Explains why they're in line for bailout money. Currently dealing with the alternator and I don't have $600 to have someone else replace it (like $160 is painful enough). Any advice on replacing it besides the four feet of extensions. Also, need location of regulator before I take on the alternator. Any insight or advice appreciated. eastcoastwalker@comcast.net.

2nd Jan 2009, 12:41

I just bought a 99 Cougar the other day, and I got it home (about 15 minutes away) and it started smoking and the check engine light came on. I was pretty upset because I bought the car less than 10 minutes before I got home. When I test drove it, it was fine and drove fine. I wasn't expecting much; the poor thing has 165,000 on it, so I know it's not a spring chicken =).

Anyways, I started it up to see where the smoke was starting to come from, and the check engine light came on. Completely upset, I saw it was coming from the radiator. I talked to my father, who's car has pretty much always had the check engine light on and he said not to worry about it, that we would change the radiator and see how it went from there, but after reading everyones comments I'm a lil' scared that something major might be wrong with this nice car I just bought. It runs fine and isn't getting hot at all. Maybe I'm just over analyzing things and it is just the radiator. Can anyone help?

8th Jan 2009, 15:00

I have a V6 Manual 1999 Cougar. I have had it since OCT of 2004. I have put about 100k miles on it since then and have had no MAJOR issues. Just some annoying things and it sounds like a freight train when it starts.

I read that someone had their sunroof go bad. Mine did as well. So when I drive I need to have my windows open a crack or my sunroof bounces around.

Also, I read someone had to replace tires in 1 1/2 years? Yeah, I have had new sets put on every year. I have finally just started buying used tires. Much cheaper.

And finally, the check engine light... the infamous light. My check engine light has been on for almost three years now. Before inspections I disconnect the battery and let it sit for and hour or so, connect it back up and the light stays out. It doesn't come on until I hit a bump or ditch in the road. I think it may be sensors but I am not sure.

Overall a very reliable car, and as I said, no MAJOR problems. But if anyone has any ideas on how to keep tires or fix the engine light, let me know. Thanks.

13th Jan 2009, 17:39

I own a 99 Cougar, and it has been a good car for the most part. I've put 1 used and now 1 new alternator in it, clutch, O2 sensors, and the usual brakes and rotors, key-less entry and rear hatch problems. Now I'm seeing that the oil pan is leaking through a pin sized hole where the pan is starting to rust - not happy about that. Otherwise it's been a fine vehicle for us for a few years now.

One more thing, what does it say about the world we live in when I've heard several people talk about how fast their Cougar is? I've driven both 4 and 6 cylinder model Cougars - I could drag an old oak tree behind my V8 and pass the Cougar without a problem.

20th Jan 2009, 17:15

I just bought a 2000 Cougar V6 with 132K on it. The car - old as it is - still looks great and is a blast to drive. It's not that fast - but it gives the driver the impression that it's fast because it's low to the ground and has a growl on acceleration. Well, my dash lights pulsate and I hope it's not an alternator job coming. The car is addictively fun and stylish... I can do the routine maint and hope for the best.

28th Jan 2009, 19:37

I'm the proud original owner of my 99 "cougs," and have had very very few issues until recently. The biggest issue is it needed a new tranny... bad torque converter. But now I have a p0401 and p0174 with it wanting to stall at idle. Replaced the EGR valve and DPFE with no joy. Any suggestions??? MAF? O2 Sensors?

It's treated me really well for 107K and through 24 states, so I hope to keep it going for a long time.