11th Mar 2009, 12:32

I am buying a 1999 Cougar today. I fully expect to sink about 2-3 thousand in her over this year. I am paying 2 for her so I don't mind. I paid 27 thousand for a brand new, fully loaded luxury SUV that I have had for 6 years now. In the last 3 years I have sunk another 8 thousand in her just to keep her moving! She is my daughter's problem now.

The Cougar I can forgive, she's older, has high miles and only makes the strange idle noise. Other than that, I drove her and feel in love! Handles better than mine, and I love the look.

I am hitting 40 and in my years I have owned 8 cars. Only one wasn't a money pit, and only one was not brand new at purchase. Guess which one wasn't the pit.

When you buy used, you have to expect to replace most of what's under the hood. And every car maker has issued recalls, none are immune. I bought one car I had to return to the dealer the same week as the thing broke down after purchase. Hope I can handle the Cougar and her baggage. My husband bought a Harley off the showroom floor and has had to do almost 2 thousand in repairs in the 3 years he's had it. Why should this car be any different?

30th Mar 2009, 23:21

I bought a 99 Cougar in January and it DIED about a mile and a half from the car lot. It didn't even have enough power to put it in neutral, so I could coast off the road.

I tried to tell them it was the alternator when I looked at it, but of course they don't listen to a girl about these things. I (perhaps stupidly) still wanted the car, so the people I bought it from had it fixed at their expense.

When I got it back a few days later, it was running just fine, but all the display lights and headlights pulsated when I drove, but I thought that was probably just a wiring issue and planned to have it looked at later.

It ran just fine from about January 20th til March 17th when I was taking my mother to the hospital for surgery at 5am. It died, although not as bad as the first time. I had the battery recharged and drove it to a repair shop to discover (to my horror) that there was an oil leak dripping down, causing the alternator to short out. Firestone wanted $1202.42 to fix it. Of course didn't have the money for it, so I took it back where I bought it and they got their mechanic to fix it again, this time at my cost ($390).

When I got it back from them last week, I knew as soon as I got in it that it wasn't running right. The alternator issue was fixed, but the engine was running a LOT louder than it should have been and it didn't want to change gears at all (it's an automatic). I planned on taking it back to them the next day when I had more time. Later on that night it stalled out on me and I panicked for a minute, but it restarted just fine (after I put it back in park). It still drove, but still with those problems, when I hit the accelerator it wouldn't move for a few seconds then it LURCHED forward.

I took it to AutoZone just a few days ago and they found out there was NO transmission fluid in it, the people that fixed the alternator didn't notice this at all, and it was fine before I took it to them, so I don't know if they caused that or not. The man at AutoZone also told me the overly loud engine sounded like the exhaust was loose, and told me to take it to a muffler shop. I took it to the muffler shop today and apparently the people that fixed the alternator stripped the bolts and left it loose, so they fixed it for me, which only took 20 minutes and they only charged $5.

It has been running fantastically since then, very fun to drive. The check engine light is on, but they said it's just an O2 sensor which apparently isn't that big of a deal. I'll have it looked at when I have the money.

Some of these reviews are nightmare stories. I really hope my car doesn't give me any other unreasonable problems. I really love it despite the faults I've had to deal with. It is a 10 year old car so I expect problems, but nothing too ridiculous I hope.

9th Apr 2009, 01:18

Hi for the girl above me who bought her Cougar in January. I was just wondering how much did you buy it for? Because I've been offered a price for a 99 Cougar, 226000 mileage on it for $2800. And I want an opinion if that's a good deal or what?

The guy who's selling it says that he has had it for a year and has never had any problems with it, but after reading all of these comments, I'm starting to think he is really just trying to sell me this car!

I think the mileage is way too high too, but he said that it is good for a 10 year old car :S. Is it?

9th Apr 2009, 13:12

I have had my Cougar for almost 7 years. It is a champion when I read some of these stories. But mine also has had major problems.

My Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer changed my transmission 7 times, and had the car for 6 months after the transmission would not shift right.

My moonroof stopped working; the track went bad and the garage broke my fog lamp not once but twice, same side naturally.

Check engine light is still on; they told me O2 sensor too, but in my county I don't need emissions.

My car has always driven fine in snow, except this one time the trans gave out and it needed towed. I have numerous stories like this, but overall the car is 10 years old so I really can't complain much with the car, it's basically the garage that fixes it.

Recently I found a new garage, and the mechanics are friendly and explain in detail what is wrong with my car. Also they helped me get it running at very little cost, not like the dealer, they will rip you every time. It's Ford's way of using bold moves to put money in their pocket.

27th Apr 2009, 23:30

People with their Cougar running rough at park/stop lights etc. The OVERDRIVE button gets stuck in the transmission if you push it, and it runs rough and starts out slow. So have that fixed.

My Cougar is a 99 and has 146,000 miles on it, and really I have just minor problems like the sunroof and the air conditioner when I turn it on it loses power, that's most likely the fuel pump or battery wiring. But if you have any questions, email me at c_sills_89@hotmail.com and I'll help you. Also you can help me if I need anything.