1976 Mercury Grand Marquis Brougham 400 ci. 2bbl from North America


The standard for design of all full sized luxury North American vehicles


Radiator had to be replaced as core became blocked an was causing overheating.

Universal joints and driveshaft slip yolk became seized in transmission and had to be replaced.

Cylinder heads removed to clean out carbon causing engine knocking.

The vacuum actuators for the headlight covers developed air leaks and were disconnected as the replacements were too expensive.

General Comments:

Car was purchased used from original owner and was well maintained and aside from problems listed above only required regular maintenance.

The best riding car I have ever purchased, comfortable, quiet and reliable despite mileage.

Fuel mileage on the highway was excellent, usually 21-22 miles per gallon, but it was down to 13 or 14 for city driving.

Engine always started on first try and was very easy to start on the coldest mornings.

Acceleration was excellent from a dead stop, but the power seemed to go away above 60 mph.

Handling and braking were very good for a vehicle of this weight and in view of the fact it was really designed for a soft ride.

The trunk was absolutely cavernous.

All the power accessories worked as well as the air conditioning.

The car was relatively rust free for its age, but the paint was destroyed from years of being kept in an underground parking garage that leaked and nothing could bring it back to a shine.

Excellent value for a used car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th February, 2004