1984 Mercury Grand Marquis 5.0L V8 from North America


Big, powerful, and elegant


The day I first got the car, it needed an alternator badly. We had to jump it 3 times from my Tempo before it would even stay running, and it would stall again if nobody had their foot on the gas. It almost didn't get us back home.

One of the low beam headlights is out.

The driver's window and back left window don't work, and the small A-shaped window in front of the driver's window is off its hinge.

The engine acts like it wants to die when it's idling, but that may just be the throttle position sensor Other than that, the car is in great shape and runs beautifully.

General Comments:

All things considered, this is an amazing car. It's roomy, comfortable, powerful, and definitely big.

The big 302 5.0L V8 engine has lots of power to haul such a big heavy car, and sounds mean when you start it up.

The car itself looks and handles like a boat, and it is very elegant in style. Exactly what you would look for in an antique luxury sedan.

They really knew how to build cars back in 1984.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2010

2nd Feb 2010, 18:44

My grandparents had an '84 Grand Marquis that they bought new. They traded it for an '89 Town Car which was even nicer. I still remember riding in that Mercury with my grandma in the Winter and seeing a small car off the road. My grandma told me we didn't have to worry about that because we were in a big, heavy car. That is probably when my love for big cars began.

1984 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 302 V8 from North America


A huge, very fun, and comfortable car (boat)


When I purchased the car the brakes needed to be replaced.

The power steering hose had a small hole in it.

Leather seats were starting to tear.

General Comments:

Car has power everything: seats, mirrors, antenna, windows, locks.

Huge car at almost 18 feet long, and about 6 feet wide, but is very comfortable and spacious.

Doesn't get very good gas mileage, but rarely needs any expensive repairs.

Very easy to drive; feels like it is floating along the road.

Would be a great car to fix up with a nice paint job, nice wheels, and a good stereo.

The car is very safe due to the size, weight, and amount of car on all sides!

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Review Date: 31st August, 2004

1st Sep 2004, 15:27

Your right about the car being safe.. I was T-boned in one and didn't get hurt.. Plus it was still drivable which was surprising since the other car had to be towed out.

10th Mar 2005, 22:40

I miss my 84 Grand Marquis LS more than any other car I ever owned. Though the 351 in it was harsh on gas, the acceleration, comfort and ride made it the best car I ever owned, and that's pretty good for a Ford.

10th Nov 2006, 13:36

I'm selling a 1984 grand marquis is in very good shape and with some nice rims my number is (956) 463-2659 at weslaco tx 78596 I want 1,200 o.b.o. I'm telling you that it is worth it the engine is a 302 fuel injection. please call me.

1984 Mercury Grand Marquis GL four door CFI 302 (5.0) from North America


One smooth machine


Throttle sensor needed replaced because my friend and I thought that the idle could be adjusted like a carburetor... because the fuel injector manifold happens to look quite like a caburetor. brakes failed about six months into the car, but that was because I was being a jackass and taking out trash cans, and one got under my wheel and sliced the line. Coolant hoses needed replaced... they were still the stock hoses when I got it! It needed a new battery off the bat, because the one in there couldn't hold a charge worth a damn, water pump needed to be replaced after about five months.

General Comments:

This car had the potential to become a speed yacht, if I would have had any money to trick it out. The power steering leaked a little bit, but the steering was so smooth, I could drive it with one finger. And the ladies liked how comfortable it was. This car just handled like a dream, and was fun to take on long distance trips, I went to Cleveland to see Modest Mouse live, (i live in Livonia, MI) and the AC in the car chilled me and my friends to the bone even though it was 90-something outside. good times, let me tell ya.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2004

3rd Apr 2004, 02:31

These are great cars for a younger or new driver. They're very safe and comfortable, and quite reliable. I have an '84 Grand Marquis that is unfortunately a 2 door. I much prefer four doors in these large cars. It has been reliable, though not as much as my '84 Oldsmobile Delta 88. However, it is slightly more comfortable.

1984 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 302 V8 Fuel Injected with Overdrive from North America


Reliable transportation and comfort all in one


The throttle body needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

Overall, the Grand Marquis is a reliable car.

I love the style of the body. It is very well built and a great solid design.

It is definitely built for comfort with excellent plush seats, and lots of room for those of us who are 6ft or taller. It runs great most of the time with of course a couple of exceptions. My only complaint is that the fuel-injection is a gas guzzler. It could get better gas mileage.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2003

1984 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 303 8 cylinder from North America


A good buy for $750


Nothing major yet. This car does have a stalling problem. I'm thinking it is the TFI module.

General Comments:

Smooth ride for an 84'.

Not a racing car, but sure has a lot of power.

Expensive on gas, but certainly worth it.

This car is cheap on parts.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2002

1984 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 302 V-8 from North America


A big car with a big engine!

General Comments:

Hard to find modifications for this great car. I want headers.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2000

6th Feb 2002, 21:09

I have an '85 two door grand marquis, I just put dual exhaust on her and I suggest using shortie headers from a mustang. That's what I did.

1984 Mercury Grand Marquis 5.0 fuel injected from North America


This car has 107,000 miles and was not kept outside in the weather. Beside normal maintenance I just had the driver side power window motor replaced. Not so good on gas but it's a 5.0 L. I will buy another one maybe in the year 2000.

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Review Date: 7th February, 1999