1996 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 4.6 Liter V8 from North America


Great car that no one knows about


This is my Third entry for this vehicle and is an update for anyone who cares. Since my last review at 150k miles the following were replaced.

Another intake manifold $465.00 (bought the manifold on Ebay for $195 and had a mechanic installed and around $270 for the install. Brake pads replaced with the tranny fluid at 170k for about $285.00.

Oil changes with Mobil 1 and 87 octane gas.

Serpentine belt at 185 (squealing) $70.00 dollars at the local garage. I could have done it a lot cheaper myself when I found out the car parts store lends the breaker bar to do this. (D'oh)

That's it.

General Comments:

Last 100k miles travelled for under 3000 bux. Need more be said.

It hit 200k just days ago and it runs like it did 3 years ago. Can't believe it. I bought a nice Toyotal Landcruiser for myself, but check this out... I still drive the Green Cuke.. If it hits 300k I'll paint it and give it to my son so he can tool around in it when he gets into highschool. Well, this might be my last post for this hunk, but I have othing, but respect for her. I've fallen for the Grand Marquis. If you find one with low miles for like a grand or so (I see them around here for sale all the time) get it if you are not to keen on looking cool. You won't regret it.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2006

7th Oct 2006, 16:33

After reading your review, I decided my 1996 Gr Marquis with 73,000 miles has a lot of life to it yet. Plan on keeping it, I love the way it rides.

18th Mar 2008, 17:44

Thanks for posting these updates. I have followed with great interest. I have seen a few of these vehicles, at low prices yet high mileage, and it's great to know what to look for when shopping around second hand ones. Is the intake manifold only available in plastic? and wasn't this replaced as a factory recall some time ago? Thanks again for posting. Is 200,000 miles still a strong motor?

1996 Mercury Grand Marquis LX 4.6 V8 from North America


A reliable full sized sedan


Brake rotors warped, but lived with it.

Window controls on drivers door loose.

Seats overly soft with wear.

General Comments:

The Grand Marquis was a dependable good looking full sized sedan. I had mileage that exceeded 30mpg on occasion, with an average around 23 mpg combined driving. This car head plenty of power and road like a dream, but handling was muted. Rear wheel drive not the greatest in snow. The car is roomy and comfortable. Miles per gallon was said to drop in newer models.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2005

1996 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 281cc 4.6 SHOC MPFI from North America


Best cars built


The intake manifold busted in May 2004 at 140,000-miles. No harm to engine when it got odd acting and somewhat hot. This is the only thing that has upset us on this car.

3 of the 4 power widows have had to be replaced. All have broke in the last 3-years. Not the motors, just an arm deal that breaks.

Tape player has a tape stuck in it.

General Comments:

This is a great car and has paid for itself a few times. We got the car when it was 2-years old for only $11,000-cash and the car is still worth $3000.

Everything else has held up like new.

Only 1-set of front brakes since new.

This car is so easy on the budget.

Great MPG. around 27 on trips.

We are looking for a relacement and I will tell you we will get another Grand Marquis. This time we might just get a new one.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2005

1996 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6 Gas from North America


A great, comfortable, powerful car at a great price


Nothing has gone wrong since I have owned the car, which has only been 1000 miles. The previous owner did give me a list of the things that went wrong in the 193000 miles he owned it.

Intake manifold leaked and needed replacement at about 70,000. New intake with aluminum cross-over was used, so leaking should not be a problem.

Front rotors need replacement. They are below spec, but have been in service since new. Not bad for almost 200,000 miles.

O2 sensor is bad, and two cats are clogged. They need replacement, and I'll go ahead and add the dual exhaust option when I fix this.

The door panels are coming loose, but that is to be expected with such an old car.

The front tie-rods need replacement. Will get that fixed soon.

Heater core is bad, and the previous owner did not fix it. He simply disconnected the coolant line leading to the core. I have no heat, but it is OK because I live in Southern California, and it is rarely cold enough to require a heater.

General Comments:

I love this car. I am a fan of big Crown Vics, Grand Marquis', and Town Cars. The platform is VERY solid, and comfort is an A++. Because these cars have been engineered for abusing by cops, they are very sturdy, and with proper maintenance, they will last forever.

The previous owner installed a tranny cooler when he first purchased the car, and by 190,000 miles, he had the transmission serviced only three times. I inspected the fluid, and it was a nice red color, no burnt smell, and pretty clear. The tranny shifts smoothly and there is no slipping or shuddering. I am very happy, as I have read that often these trannys need major service or replacement at this age, but I've had it checked out, and all mechs seem to think it is in great condition. Thanks, tranny cooler!

I love the interior of this car. It is fully loaded with electronic climate control, leather 8-way power seats, air suspension, premium sound, cruise, and all the other extras. The leather is showing a bit of wear on the driver's seat, but not as much as one would expect with almost 200,000 miles.

I changed the oil over to synthetics when I bought it, and after 1000 miles, I haven't noticed any change in oil volume. There does not seem to be any oil burning, and the engine does not leak at all.

The engine has a good amount of power for such an heavy vehicle with so many miles, but I suspect that the bad 02 and bad cats are killing some HP. I expect a dramatic increase when I get this fixed.

Overall, this is a great car. I paid $1800 for it, and put about $400 into servicing it after I purchased it. I am very happy with it, and plan to replace the tranny an engine if any major problems arise.

If you are looking for a panther-platform car, don't be afraid of high miles. If the previous owner took good care of it, you'll probably not run into major issues, and you'll get a better price.

I expect to get at least another 50,000 miles out of the car before anything major forces me to plop down cash for repairs.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2004