2002 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate from North America


Automatic climate control module - 50.00.

Spark plug blew out of the head.

General Comments:

Excellent highway cruiser - I've gotten 29-30 MPG driving conservatively. Very comfortable and roomy.

Had a spark plug blow out of the head, which I read is common for aluminum heads. I bought a repair kit and fixed it myself.

I recently spun out on the highway in the snow, and rammed it very hard into a concrete barrier. I ended up driving it home, but the amount of exterior damage totaled it. I've got an 05 now, but the interior fixtures feel a lot cheaper on the newer car.

My 02 was loaded to the hilt with all the controls on the steering wheel, and nice comfy seats. I loved that car. Very highly recommended!

These cars are like driving around in your recliner.

I won't buy anything else. These are the safest vehicles on the road.

With the air suspension in the rear, I have hauled a trunk full of quick-crete - anything else would have been dragging its bumper.

One of the best things about these cars is that you can usually find a low mileage model that some older person has driven, and it's usually been taken care of.

A great practical safe American cruiser.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2010

11th Feb 2010, 16:27

It's got rear-wheel drive, automatically means it's gonna suck in the snow. These are still some seriously tough vehicles, but snow is not where they shine.

11th Feb 2010, 21:56

Sorry to hear about your '02... Congrats on the purchase of an '05 :)

2002 Mercury Grand Marquis LSE 4.6 from North America


This is a great car!!


Nothing. Very reliable with only oil and filter changes, and replaced the air and fuel filters.

General Comments:

Performance is excellent.

Reliability is excellent.

Fuel economy is excellent.

Ride is excellent, roomy and comfortable.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2006

2002 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6 V8 from North America


Mercury Grand Marquis LS are the best


Trunk locking latch malfunctioned, Maybe bent from when I slammed it shut on some clothing, dealer replaced for free and didn’t say a word.

Remote entry remotes are cheap and the buttons have worn off, but they still work so so.

Car gets musky smell when it rains, but it has no leaks into the interior.

General Comments:

This car is rock solid and I love the “easy to read” digital dash, the key pad entry - I will never have to pay a lock smith to unlock my car again. I also love the radio controls on the steering wheel.

The interior of the car is absolutely beautiful at night when everything is lit up. It is more elegant looking than my friends Mercedes and Lexus’s cars.

I use the car for business and it has sure taken beating on dirt roads and the likes. Most of the miles are from rough secondary roads, but the car is still as solid and rattle free as it was the day that I drove it off the lot.

The car actually averages 23.0 miles per gallon, and a lot of these miles are low speed rough driving. The Buick got about 17 mpg.

The car is 1000 times better built than my old 1996 Buick Roadmaster, but I will admit that the Roadmaster did handle and ride better. The dash and leather on the Roadmaster was starting to crack by the same miles and age as this Marquis, but the Marquis still looks new inside and has not one evidence of wear whatsoever.

The car still looks brand new and it has never been in a garage.

I am considering giving this car to my mother, selling off the unreliable Roadmaster, and buying the business a new 2006 Grand Marquis.

Good Job Mercury, keep them coming.

We also have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS and the Mercury out does this Explorer in every category except foul weather traction, but the Explorer is a 4x4.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2006

3rd Mar 2011, 20:03

So what else did you like more about the Marquis vs the Roadmaster? We'd love a review. I'm considering one of these. I like the RM's LT1, how does it compare to Ford's 4.6? How about MPG? I find it that both are rated 17/25 by the EPA, which makes the Roadmaster look better, since it's bigger and supposedly faster.