2011 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition V8 from North America


If you value love over sex in a relationship, this is your match!


We only had the Grand Marquis for a day while our 2005 Taurus was getting the PCM repaired.

General Comments:

The Grand Marquis we had was an LS Ultimate Edition. It had leather seats, wood trim, a digital climate control, power door locks, a power seat, remote trunk, and alarm.

The build quality on the Grand Marquis was pretty good for the most part. Panel alignment was superb, but the Passenger Airbag Off sensor was caved into the dashboard. The ignition was also very loose.

The Grand Marquis was very fast and smooth in both engine and road feel. Wrapped in Michelins, the Grand Marquis ate the largest of bumps and several potholes well.

The gas mileage per the trip computer said that the Grand Marquis was getting 22.8 MPG. I didn’t test the accuracy of that. If it was accurate, this mileage is pretty good for such a behemoth.

The controls were all laid out well, but I would move the clock to a higher point on the dashboard.

The seats were very high off the ground, yielding a good view of the road. However, they were low to the floor. If the driver's seat had height adjust, I didn’t find it. Headroom abounds in both the front and back seats. The front seats were very comfortable; they went upright and the head rest was of a good shape.

The trunk size is cavernous; one could get lost in it. This car has the biggest trunk of any sedan sold in North America.

The air conditioning was top notch; one of the best systems I have come across. When the air conditioner is on full blast, you will freeze almost instantly.

The brakes were incredible. I don’t doubt that they could stop a train.

Believe it or not, the Grand Marquis was quite nimble.

This car reminds me of women. This car is symbolic of the "normal"- a real woman who cooks and cleans, over a supermodel who is attractive, and nothing else. The Grand Marquis is a tried and true model of the Ford Motor Company. Although I doubt it is anyone’s fantasy to own this model (although I could see wanting a Crown Victoria Interceptor), it is a good vehicle that lives up to a lot of standards. It has for many decades, and, although production of this model is basically dead, this model will serve for many more.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2011

28th May 2011, 02:10

The Grand Marquis's will be on the road for a long, long time.

28th May 2011, 12:27

Although it was basically a Ford with different badging, I will miss the Mercury brand. I will also miss the last of the big body-on-frame cars. They are rugged beyond imagining, and these vehicles will be around for many years to come. Though high fuel prices will slowly spell the end for all large vehicles, these cars are so solidly reliable that 50 years from now, there will still be some around.