14th Dec 2007, 21:13

15:20, you may want to check your history books, Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980. Your idea about drilling in Alaska is great, but it would be approximately 10 years before we would see a relief in prices even if drilling began tomorrow.

15th Dec 2007, 12:14

If GM would have done some research and development with the 350 diesel, and added a turbo, they could have had a real winner!

18th Dec 2007, 13:12

I completely disagree with the commenter that started this thread. I'm not a geezer and have on order a new 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis. I checked out all the cars at the car show and your so-called 'great' European cars are the most overpriced, cramped crap I've seen. As for the driver's seat in the Grand Marquis being so horrible, that seat is MUCH MUCH more comfortable than your Mercedes, BMW, etc. I sat in those cars. Guess most people like seats as hard as rocks. And Volkswagen? What a joke? Talk about overpriced junk! I'm glad diesels aren't as popular here, because they stink! I say 'stink' because if you're stuck behind one of these smelly things, the fumes are sickening.

19th Dec 2007, 15:26

I believe this gentleman who wrote the first review must own the 2005 to present VW Passat. Well they might be economical cars regards fuel economy, but not so regards costly faults and cheap interior materials used. Any of you out there can log on to Honest John or www.honestjohn.co.uk and read about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every car sold in the UK or Europe for that matter. Believe me, just like the previous model Passat, they too are a recall record breaker. I should know because I own a 99 Passat, which by all means has a perfect diesel engine with 187000 miles on it, but what I've saved on fuel, I've lost on corrupt prices for replacement parts like CV joints, door locks, and badly designed suspension.

Regards the style of french cars; what is style with windscreens in your face? And headlights that look like magnified insect eyes, and so-called xenon lights that blind others because the drivers can't adjust them. Now maybe if Ford put a turbo charger on its 4.6 V8, it might be too fast for you. You might get to the promised land too soon.

4th Feb 2008, 21:48

Long live traditional American style and comfort, such as in the Mercury Grand Marquis. What a great car to drive, and what value compared to your tiny little European cars.

So to the Brit, you just enjoy your Passat while I am pampered in heated seats, soft-as-a-cloud suspension, and cruising on the American highway.

6th Feb 2008, 00:35

You'd be surprised how much you could get out of that Grand Marquis if you pushed it. Cops regularily take them over curbs at 40mph, take them over 120mph on the freeway. If you know how to drive it, you can push the tail out and make it corner well. These cars need and like to be abused to extract results out of them.

Its stength is also its weakness, body on frame cars are durable and comfortable on any road surface. But they lack some directness in the steering and don't feel great in the corners.

It's a mixed bag, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

31st Mar 2008, 21:07

The Crown Vic and Grand Marquis are two of the best automotive bargains out there from several standpoints. For one you get a lot of bang for the buck as these cars depreciate quickly, better for the used car buyer, second, the gas mileage is not as abysmal as one would think compared too many of today's midsized and up cars-I get 21 mpd locally and as much as 27 mpg on the highway in summer. Finally, durability and carbon footprint:this 1997 vehicle will stay on the road for I assume 250,000 miles if all goes well, the CO2 generated occurred in 1997 and the benefit (in terms of miles driven) will be derived from the fact that I will not have to buy another vehicle anytime soon, a vehicle which will have its own new CO2 footprint. I look at these people with their new $25,000 loaded Prius' saying what a great deal they are having with the 39 mpg and all, but the cost savings I derived with my $4000 Grand Marquis buys a helluva lotta gas, and I'll be damned if I am going to put my 3 beautiful kids in the back of a tiny, uncomfortable death box, long live America and her great cars!

1st Apr 2008, 13:24

You are absolutely right! I'm only 18 but I worship the Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, and Town Car. Their styling is extremely beautiful, their body-on-frame construction puts uni-body garbage to shame and their rear-wheel drive is more durable and better to boot.

All Japanese cars should be banned from being imported into this country, and the remaining Japanese trash should be melted down back to the molten puddle of plastic and tin they came from!

If I was rich I would buy a bunch of Priusus and ram them with a Grand Marquis to smash them.

Bottom line: Grand Marquis, beautiful, safe, durable, and a REAL CAR!

Japanese cars: hideous, unsafe, unreliable, and THEY DON'T BELONG HERE!

1st Apr 2008, 20:11

To the reviewer on February 6:

These Crown Vics and Grand Marquis' are very strong. They are about 97.8% bulletproof, meaning, out of every 1000 bullets fired, only 22 of them will go through the body.

3rd Apr 2008, 22:16

When push comes to shove, Toyota is still a Japanese based company and their main concern is with Japan operations, not bettering the U.S. economy. GM, Ford, and Chrysler still employ by far the largest amount of American workers in the auto industry by far. If you prefer purchasing Toyotas, more power to ya as the saying goes. But please don't try to call it patriotic.

23rd Apr 2008, 05:55

Hello from Poland,

I'm going to land in Vancouver on June 1st (immigration) and currently looking for a dependable, safe, family car.

I'm not a huge guy - just a little bit over 6' and I was driving many European cars during the last 15 years.

I always felt like a fish in the box, surrounded by the plastic touching me from every, possible direction... and as I told you - I'm not a big man by any means.

I can't make a move inside my current Nissan Almera.

Yes, Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans are reliable cars (BTW maybe not as much as many people are thinking - that's a different story), but all are so damn small inside.

Suspension is hard, so I can feel every, little hole on the road and my ass isn't happy after about 2 hours of continuous driving.

I'm a slow kind of driver, so sporty cars aren't my cup of tea for sure.

I like the space and comfort.

With the gas prices pushing $7,70 per gallon here the sport car isn't an real option either.

I'm a father, so interior space, big trunk and safety are very important factors here.

Mercury Grand Marquis fits perfect for me.

I'm a loyal driver and holding my cars for at least 8 years.

You know what?

I'm sure I will not invest much money into this car in the future, since it's a durable and dependable product.

Simple, outdated construction is a big plus here.

I can buy one, made in 2007 for CAD 17 k - cheaper than basic Camry from the same year.

After a long research I'm going to give this car a try.

I'm so glad I will have a chance to change something in life of our family.