28th Jan 2007, 11:50

I agree with the last comment, Toyotas are over rated and over priced. I got a Toyota Camry 2007 from work (I didn't pick the car) and it has plasticky finish inside and has a rental car feel. I also own a 2003 Honda Accord and it has had a number of expensive problems. BUY AMERICAN, you support your economy, the car is cheaper in maintenance, and they have all types of buying incentives, unlike overrated Japanese who have 7% financing. I am planning to replace my Accord, which warranty just ended (Honda has a poor 3 year warranty) and buy a Mercury Mariner, which is being all redesigned for this year.

27th Mar 2008, 23:19

Recently purchased an 06 Grand Marquis LS Ultimate. Most comfortable sedan I've ever driven. Owned a Chevy Impala and a Ford Taurus before this car, but wanted a V8 and RWD.

The audio system is a bit plain but other than that cranking out tunes doesn't sound that bad. The dash is improved over my parents 03, now has a tach which should have been there long ago in my opinion. There's a tach on the right, a analog speedo on the left, and between the two a driver info center (DIC). You can program the DIC to show a digital speedo if you choose.

The interior is very spacious, the trunk cavernous, and when you get on the highway you don't hear any outside or engine noise in the Grand Marquis... like floating on air.

I opted for one with the chrome plated rims which personally think should be standard. They gives a bit of a flair to a big family sedan.

If you're looking for a full size car for under 25k (used 12 to 15k for an 06 and even a few 07's under 16,000) you can't beat the Grand marquis. And you don't have to be retired or over 60 to own one...

13th Sep 2008, 05:15

I just purchased a 2004 Grand Marquis LS Ultimate with the performance suspension and alloy wheels. Beautiful car. I too noticed that there seems to be a difference in the interior between this and older models. I test drove a '99, an '01 and an '02 and the interiors of those cars did seem just slightly nicer; the more recent models have a more "businesslike" interior. Still pretty nice, though.