2006 Mercury Milan Premier 4 Cylinder from North America


Beautiful car with some flaws


I started having problems with the clutching system. When the clutch was pressed in and the car was downshifted into a lower gear it would slightly shake and act like it wanted to die. Then it would catch itself. I contacted the local dealer and explained the issue, I brought the car in and they put it on the machine and said there is nothing wrong with this car. A few days later during a snowstorm the car actually died, and didn't want to start again. So once again I took the car to the dealer and once again I am told there is nothing wrong it. It still shakes every once in awhile, but it hasn't died since.

I love the interior of my car, the only complaint is the light tan carpets. They are pretty much white, not a good idea. Especially when you live somewhere cold and snowy like myself.

General Comments:

This is a great car (even with the minor problems).

I love the way it handles, and it rides.

My husband and I have taken the car on trips, and it is wonderful.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2008

2006 Mercury Milan I-4 Premier 2.3 from North America


Super Bargain and drives/looks great


Nothing has gone wrong with the car to date. Not one vibration, rattle, or shack.

My insurance company sent a letter at my last renewal stating that I am now receiving a discount due to the low claims experience for the Mercury Milan cars. This is great.

General Comments:

The car’s heater and A/C work fast.

All the doors pop open and shut super easy.

The steering is not as easy to turn in a parking lot, as what my Lincoln was, but it is still very light to the touch, but just firm enough on the open road to give a sure footed road feel through the steering column.

By the way, my Lincoln got to 170,000 miles with not one problem except for the air suspension at 170,000 miles and this is why I got shed of it. The repair was going to cost me $3400. I traded it for the Milan. I had to down grade due to fuel cost and the loss of my husband’s pension. I was getting 20.5 mpg out of the Lincoln and I am getting 25.4mpg out of the Milan. I drive a very gentle 55% city and 45% highway, which is the same as I drove the Lincoln. I’m a retired rural route carrier for the USPS, so I am very tedious about keeping track of fuel use and mileage. I just like to keep track of things, but this car computes the mpg for me, which I do by tank fill ups by hand and so far the car’s computer has been very very accutate. The one in the Lincoln was always off by 0.30mpg. The dealer said this was a hidden reserve and that the actual mileage may be off due the “Safety Reserve” built into the tank. I guess the Milan is so good on gas that the engineers felt that they didn’t have to put in a hidden reserve into the tank.

Things that the Milan could improve on.

I hate the analogue clock on the dash. I can’t see well enough to read it while I am driving and I have perfect vision with my glasses on. They should have put a big and bright digital clock on the dash, like what the Lincoln had.

I hate the fact that I had to have the dealer put on an aftermarket keypad entry on the driver’s door. It looks kind of tacky on my car. I wish that it was intergraded into the door like the Lincoln MKZ, or my old Lincoln. I will not own a car that does not have the electronic combination keypad entry system. They are a real convenience and a life saver. I would have got the Lincoln Zephry/MKZ, but I wanted a 4-cylinder for fuel mpg.

The front seats center arm rest is just as short and uncomfortable as virtually all other new cars. I have to pull my seat up close to the steering wheel and this makes the tiny arm rest useless as my elbow is about 8 inches too far forward.

The trunk is too big and the cargo net is too small. I have to get a stick to roll my canned good items from the back of the back seat to the trunk opening of the car’s back, so that I can reach them. The Lincoln had an even bigger trunk, but the cargo net was much bigger and better designed.

The car is a real looker and everyone ask me what kind of car is it. I really like the car and I plan to drive it for ten years, or more if I live that long. The leather seats are very comfortable, the doors open up wide and the car is easy to get into and out of. The fuel cap is easy to take off and the hood is easy to pop open. I don’t like the power window buttons. I like the ones that protrude up out of the door beam as they are easier to operate. These are harder to use.

So far the car has been full of all fluids on the servicing check ups. The Lincoln developed healthy appetite for engine oil around 150,000 miles. 1-quart every 1,000 miles, so I had to learn how to add oil.

The Mercury does seem to leak about 1-gallon of water on the garage floor when I have been using the A/C, so I have to leave the car outside for a few hours and then bring it in for the night if I used the a/c. The Lincoln didn’t leak hardly any water on the floor. The dealer says that this is because the A/C in the Milan is actually more heavy duty and has a higher capacity than what the Lincoln had. I tell you the a/c is super fast and super comfortable. The Lincoln took about 5-minutes to cool the car down. The Milan takes about 1-minute.

If this one does get lost or something happens to it, I will buy another one just like this one.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2007

19th Jun 2007, 00:14

A trunk can never be big enough.

6th Jul 2007, 14:57

If the lady says the trunk is to big than the trunk is to big! She also said the cargo net is not as good as the one in her old Lincoln. Maybe a car upholstery shop or accessory store could help her out.

I think her review is excellently written. The reader gets a sense of what the car is like in everyday use. Thanks!

10th Nov 2007, 04:07

Yes, you can have a trunk which is too big. The problem I have with cars these days is that the trunk size has increased to the delight of the marketing people, but to do this the rear end is so high that you need parking sonar to see what you're going to hit. Do we really need a trunk so big ALL the time? Couldn't we have something a little smaller if it means better rearward visibility when parallel parking?

Worse, large trunk volumes alright -- but it's difficult to get to via small openings, so you have a trunk which will hold a 29" TV, if you can get it in there in the first place.

3rd Jan 2008, 10:59

About hose big trunks: It's not just a marketing ploy. The big trunk is a result of the aerodynamic wedge design. That lowers fuel consumption at the expense of rear visibility. Then of course the trunk has to be strong to act as a crumple zone when that cell phone impaired geek behind you confuses the accelerator with the brake. That is why the trunk openings are that small. I think we will end up with 4 door hatchbacks with real heavy hatches.

14th Apr 2016, 14:58

Great review! Reminds me of a dear friend who used to drive an older Lincoln Town Car... RIP Arlene...