1997 Mercury Mountaineer from North America


Best car I have ever had


Nothing has gone wrong with my car until now. We have only had to put transmission fluid in it. But no major work has been done. Now the oil sending unit seems to be going bad. I need to know if this is something that I can fix at home.

General Comments:

I love my car and do not want to get rid of it.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2006

1997 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 V8 from North America


A good 4WD multi-use truck


Had to replace engine at 105,000 due to hard engine knock.

Front ball joints at 110000.

CD player wouldn't eject discs at 125,000.

Misc. dash lights currently out.

Replaced (Bank 1) O2 sensor at 135,000.

Power antenna not going up and down.

Slight leak at bell housing/tranny join.

Left (auto) down for power window had to be bypassed.

Lumbar support in FL seat leaks.

FL power seat button "sticky" (usually no action)

FR power seat inoperable (switch OK, Motor OK, but when connected do not communicate)

FL seat threads worn/pulled apart at bottom middle seam.

General Comments:

My local Dealer did not want to help with engine replacement even though I was only over my (used car) warranty by 1000 miles... car developed knock 150 miles into a 1600 mile round trip.

Same Dealer seen for a Check Engine light and they told me I needed to replace all four cat. converters at a cost of $1200...local retail shop put computer on it and sold me a $45 O2 sensor...Presto!

This car is dependable as far as starting/running, but it has it's fair share of problems... and most are not associated with poor (owner) maintenance. Could be due to the fact I live on a gravel road and travel 1-1/2 miles to/from pavement when leaving home. (Dust?)

The 4WD system on this vehicle seems to be a very good design. I've done some (easy) off-roading on several occasions and it never fails me!

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Review Date: 18th September, 2006

1997 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 liter 210hp from North America


Mountaineer, built like a tank!


Nothing so far.

Sometimes the cold and hot knobs, when you turn it to cold, it stays hot. Hot air comes out of the air vent.

Back speaker bass sound cracked.

Everything else runs good and strong, with over 102,000 miles on it.

Better than my 2000 Hyundai Accent that had so many problems compare to a 1997 model; it runs so much better than a 2000 Accent.

The 1997 Mountaineer is built strong if you take care of it.

General Comments:

My Mountaineer can accelerate fast, and can pass any new model cars. Even on the highway, the new 2005 Hyundai Tucson or Santa Fe models could not pass me.

It has comfortable seats, even on long drives.

The only thing I would change is the shocks; it's rough when you go over small pot holes or speed bumps.

We bought our SUV, looking like it was in mint condition. Very clean inside, and the engine was super clean. Whoever owned it before us, they took care of it good, and it shines like it's still new. A very reliable SUV.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2006

1997 Mercury Mountaineer AWD 5.0 from North America




Ball joints every 50,000 miles

Tie rods every 40,000

Battery (3) in 8 years

Alternator once at 260,000 miles

Front wheel bearings at 145,000 miles.

All normal stuff and built to last beyond the average wear point of most cars.

General Comments:

One of the best cars/SUV's ever built.

You take care of this SUV with Synthetic oil, replace mechanical parts which is rare and it will outlive the owner.

I'm the original owner. I traveled from New Hampshire to Roswell, Nm at 325,000 miles.

I've Never replaced the water pump or timing chain and this honey has never left me by the side of the road. An incredible piece of engineering!

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Review Date: 7th May, 2005

20th Feb 2007, 18:56

I bought my SUV new in 1997 and until 2005. I put 197,000 miles on it in that time I the only thing that I ever had to replace (besides normal mant.) was one battery. its the best car I ever owned. The only thing that stopped me from still owning it is that I hit a horse in the middle of the interstate. As a side note the safety equip. works great I had a roof riped off and the front pass. wheel torn off and walked away with only a few cuts from the windshield hitting my arm. I will never buy any other SUV.