2006 Mercury Mountaineer V6 AWD 4.0 from North America


Good truck


The transmission began shifting hard between second and third. Need to get this looked at; the truck is still under warranty.

The paint on the top part of the front passenger door bubbled, and there's now about a quarter-sized area with the primer showing. I will fix this myself.

General Comments:

This is our first SUV. My wife has always wanted one, and considering where we live, winters have gotten MUCH worse (Long Island, NY), we decided to replace her car with this Mountaineer when she needed a newer vehicle.

We had narrowed down our search to either this truck or the Ford Explorer, which of course is basically the same thing. The truck is fun to drive, is very comfortable and doesn't ride as harshly as some other SUV's we have been in. We really enjoy the blend of the truck's utility while having a stylish, comfortable cabin at the same time. Considering we travel out of state a few times a year, we can pack all our stuff in the cargo area, and since we often go on day trips with friends, it's the perfect vehicle since there are usually seven of us.

I would say the only thing we aren't that happy with is the fuel economy. This truck has the V6 engine, and we average 15 MPG. My Grand Marquis averages 21. We knew going in that it would be low, but didn't think it would be as low as it is. It isn't a huge deal, as my wife only drives 15 miles to work round trip.

Another HUGE benefit of course is the AWD. As mentioned earlier we get a ton of snow where we live, and I have to go to work no matter what (my wife's job allows her to stay home if the weather is too bad) and needless to say, my RWD Marquis stinks in the snow.

Overall we are very pleased with our purchase. Sad to see this vehicle as well as the entire Mercury brand phased out, and I'm not too sure the 2011+ Explorer is as solid as this truck.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2013

2006 Mercury Mountaineer LX 6 cylinder from North America


Favorite car this far (previous cars were a Pontiac Grand Prix, Sebring, Mazda 626, and Caravan)


Around 38000 miles, the transmission would jump a bit when taken out of gear. Mechanics have not diagnosed the problem, and could not duplicate in the shop. It still does it occasionally, but not often.

General Comments:

Nice SUV that handles like a sedan, but with the increased visibility and capacity of an SUV.

Gas mileage can vary (depending on driving habits). In the city I can get 18-20 mpg. Teenage boys will get 14-17. On the road, it's easy to get 25 mpg.

Seats extremely comfortable.

Love the interior and the design of the door handles. Seats 4 large adults very comfortably. When the middle seat in the back 40-60 bench split is utilized, it's better to put a smaller person there, but can squeeze in 3 200+ pound people in a pinch. Good headroom.

Great visibility.

Fun to drive.

Stylish design equals that of a much higher priced vehicle.

Lots of room for hauling.

Having the hatch in the back is great. Even better that you can just pop the window with the keyless remote, without opening the whole hatch.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2010

2006 Mercury Mountaineer Premier AWD 4.6L V8 from North America


Great SUV for a great price


Transmission started shifting harshly between 1st and 2nd at about 36000. Took car into dealer (have extended 75K warranty) and they replaced a few parts and reprogrammed it all for free.

Started shifting harshly again, will take it in again soon. Once Ford fixes the trans shift issue, this SUV will be Golden.

General Comments:

The 2006 model has a new, redesigned interior. In my opinion it's a step up from the previous generation Mountaineer.

Interior controls are all within reach, and NAV screen is nice and big.

Good sound from the 6 speaker + 1 Sub system, although I wish it had more audio controls instead of just treble and bass.

3rd row seat can fit a 6'1" person with ease, only a little hard climbing in.

Great tow vehicle, lots of power with or without trailer. 292Hp engine is quiet and responsive.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2007

27th Jul 2008, 19:44

Yea you guys with the Gen 4's are lucky!

Almost 300hp out of a 4.6L!!! haha.

The 4.6L's are awesome engines, reliable like crazy.

They are EASY modifiable too, nearly any supercharger or turbo off of a mustang with a 4.6L v8 WILL fit your v8 mountaineer or explorer.

21st Aug 2008, 21:42

Original Owner update: Transmission problem SOLVED! Took it to my local dealer where I just got my Fusion from (My parents drive the Mountaineer), and they fixed it for free. After 5000 miles (350towing miles) no harsh shifting at all. I think that the other dealer was just too lazy to actually put effort into fixing it. Currently @ 60K miles and it still runs beautifully. As for the Supercharger, I don't think my parents need THAT much power lol, although if it were my car, I would SERIOUSLY consider it..

Still an all Ford/Merc Family. (00' Windstar @115K, 06' Mountaineer @ 60K and my new baby 07 Fusion @ 22K)