1st Feb 2007, 16:12

I got an 02 mountaineer awd, bought it from military family and the wife would drive to see her family when her husband was deployed. So it has 100,000highway on it. Drives and looks perfect. Until this week when the tranny light came on. It then made 2 hard bangs. I drove it 3rd for a few to get home and the light never came back on. Drove it to a friend of a friends tranny place without a prob. The tranny, torque converter, all junk. He said I should of lost reverse first. And that It should run me 3500 or so, but I got it for 2750. He hooked me up... I hope.

6th Feb 2007, 23:48

Does replacing the "transmission solenoid" seem to fix the transmission problem, if done before replacing the transmission?

9th Feb 2007, 14:31

We own a 2002 Mountaineer 4.6 V8 with 60,000 miles. The transmission developed a slip/delay problem when shifting. Dealership diagnosed problem stating that the transmission needed to be rebuild or replaced at an estimated cost of $3,200. Got 2nd opinion from a well know reputable independent... diagnosis same. Called Ford customer service and filed a complaint that the transmission should not need to be replaced at 60,000. Car is out of warranty and they asked me what I wanted Ford to do. I asked them to pay for the repair. The called the dealership who gave me to orig quote (with me on hold) and came back with an offer to cover half of the cost! You never get what you don't ask for.

10th Feb 2007, 12:53

I guess I'm a bit late with my research, but I thought I'd add my two cents worth, as I have had significant problems with my 2002 V6 AWD Mountaineer. First, I love the ride I get when everything is running properly. So much so, in fact, that I have kept this vehicle longer than I should have, by all accounts. I purchased it pre-owned with 27k miles, and no extended warranty. I first experienced unacceptable tread life on my tires, and went through a few sets over a two year period, which I concluded was a result of higher performance. Someone told me that tread-life and performance were at opposite ends of the spectrum, and I need to sacrifice one in favor of the other...OK, I'm fine with that. Next came the infamous ABS light that didn't go out, then the transmission "shudder". The transmission solenoid was replaced, but it didn't fix the problem. It was concluded that the transmission was shot and had to be replaced. This little ordeal cost me $3,500 to fix. While it was in the shop, they noticed a leak in the rear seals, and repaired that for a few hundred dollars. That was 4 months ago. Last week I was on the GSP and felt a problem with my steering, which I'm told is related to the AWD. As I write this, I'm wondering what this is going to cost me. I have had good luck with Ford in the past, but recent events have left me with a very unpleasant view of the total cost of ownership. My next vehicle, which I fear is on the immediate horizon, will not be a Ford.

11th Feb 2007, 17:17

We have a 2002 Mountaineer with 37,000 miles. Today the transmission did not shift correctly or easily to the next gear and the engine raced.

The OD light came on and could not be turned off. There is no way to check transmission fluids which might normally be the culprit.

Any ideas from other readers?

12th Feb 2007, 17:52

We have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and had rear end work done. Brakes, calipers and routers total gone and now there is that HUM that is louder then the radio. So in the shop we go again. Next step is to dump the thing and tell everyone to stay away from FORD products.

16th Feb 2007, 11:39

Oh, well I wish I checked this site before buying my 2002 Mountaineer 2 days ago. I previously owned a 2001 Accord with tranny issues and was hoping to get away from those kinds of headaches. Good thing I bought the warranty I guess (even though the warranty costs almost as much as some of the reported tranny repair costs). I'm hoping if there were issues with this car that they were resolved before I bought it. Maybe that's why the dealership gave me such a smokin deal :- (I'll post any problems I have.

21st Feb 2007, 07:00

I have a 2002 Mountaineer purchased in '03 with 24K miles. Two weeks ago I was driving on the highway and the car completely died on me. After waiting a few minutes, it started again, but eventually died so had it towed to the dealer. They kept it for a day or two and determined the fuel pump was weak so I replaced it. Now two weeks later I am driving on the highway and it happened AGAIN! Both times it was very cold (car sat outside all day at work), I was 15 minutes into the drive going about 70 mph with the heat on. I was able to get it started and get it back to the dealer who has had the car for almost a week now and can't figure out the problem. HELP!

21st Feb 2007, 08:37

I have a 2003 Mountaineer V8 AWD Premier and am feeling (and hearing) the transmission shudder you mention. I have 39,000 miles on this truck and love it as a replacement for my 1999 2WD Explorer. This model should not do somersaults if a tire blows at speed.

I will explore the transmission solenoid as a fix before agreeing to a complete transmission replacement. Thanks for the information!

7th Mar 2007, 09:03

Well I'm glad I got to this site! I bought my 2002 v6 AWD Mercury Mountaineer Brand New in May 2002. I have 29000 mile on it. I have seats that wiggle; the truck sometimes “jumps” when shifted from park to drive. When I step on the pedal to pass on a highway I get that dreaded “rotten egg” smell. The smell is so bad my wife and I don’t drive the truck. I have an extended service plan, but every dealer I go to never has the time to look at the truck. I called mercury customer assistance – totally useless. With all the tranny problems I'm reading about, I will be trading it in, Nissan here I come!

Everyday you read / hear Ford is losing market share. Now I know why, I will never buy a Ford product. FORD = Found On Road Dead!

18th Jun 2007, 13:00

I have a 2003 Mountaineer. This is my second mountaineer and up until now, I have really enjoyed the vehicle. I have noticed no problem with the transmission - no jerking or rapidly gear changing. However, last week the Check Transmission Light came on two separate times. We took in into the dealership and they said I needed a new transmission because they received a Code P0741. They said it would cost a minimum of $3100. The vehicle has 69,000 miles. They have lead me to believe that it is not under warranty, but was initially told it is up to 100,000 miles. We have taken it to a second dealer for a second opinion and he tells us he cannot find anything wrong with the vehicle. I called Ford Motor Company and they said they have not had any reports on transmission problems with this vehicle. I am really distressed since we will be going on vacation in a couple of weeks. One dealer said it could go out tomorrow or a year from now. The other dealer said we would have a warning if it is indeed the transmission. Again, thus far there have been no mechanical problems except the light.