2003 Mercury Sable from North America


This car is my mom's, who keeps it like it's her Cadillac. Very low mileage, always garaged.

The last year we have been up to the dealership over 12X for tire problems. They are always going flat, yet we have spent a great deal on rims, because they said they didn't fit right. They said the tires at such low mileage needed to be replaced. Once they found a nail ~~ whoopeee, we had one answer for several.

So after a large of unnecessary $ put out, the tires continue to be flat every day, really stinks!! No answer or solution.


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Review Date: 30th March, 2010

23rd Jul 2018, 15:15

I'm am looking for reviews of the car, and do not believe it is fair to rate a car poorly because of leaking tires -- this could apply to any make or model. Please let us know things about the car -- engine, transmission, comfort, mileage, etc. Thank you.

2003 Mercury Sable LS from North America




The condensate from the air conditioner runs back into the passenger compartment.

I have talked with another person that owned a 2002 sable and he also experienced this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this situation?

And since it our of warranty do you know a fix?


General Comments:

I had 1994 Taurus and put 185,000 miles on it with only a water pump.

Wish may Sable was that good.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2005

11th Mar 2006, 22:01

I've had that condensate problem with many different vehicles from a 1997 Hyundai Accent all the way back to a 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne. It's ALWAYS a plugged hole in the drain tube. Usually sand and silt and dirt clog it up and the water has nowhere else to go, but onto the passenger floor.

3rd Jan 2007, 15:26

I had this same issue. The problem is your cowl is leaking. It's a very easy fix. They just put some silicon goop along the cowl to seal it again.


2003 Mercury Sable LS Premium Sedan 3.0 DOHC 24 Valve from North America


Great car, very few problems


The only major thing that has gone wrong with the car is the passenger seat track. The car has dual power seats and the passenger seat would come off of the track when moved. I had it fixed twice and it has been fine ever since.

Sometimes in the cold weather, the transmission has trouble shifting into drive when I first start the car.

General Comments:

This is definitly the best car that I've owned and I'd gladly buy another.

I've driven this car on two trips since I've had it and the leather seats are great. The highway mileage was above average as well. I also own a 1988 Mercedes 190 with a 4-cylinder engine and the Mercury (V6) definitly gets better gas mileage than the Mercedes.

Overall, this has been a great car so far and I hope to own it for a long time!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2004

13th Jan 2008, 20:22

Ford Transmissions are very sensitive to hot and cold. By having a competent trans shop (not the Ford-L-M dealer) do a complete fluid flush and filter change at 30K intervals on regular trans fluid or 50K intervals with synthetic. a good product that I can recommend would be Amsoil Synthetic ATF. I have almost 200K on this trans and motor-Duratec 24 valve with no problems since switching to Synthetic fluid.