2008 Mercury Sable Base 3.5 V6 from North America


Know what you are getting into


Creaking noise from the suspension.

Transmission shift flare and hard shifting.

General Comments:

I am writing this review to warn those looking at purchasing this model or its Ford Taurus cousin, to pay attention to the transmission during the test drive. The creaking suspension can be fixed, but the slipping transmission can most times not be pinpointed.

If the RPM needle quickly rises a few hundred RPM while shifting (shift flare), the transmission shifts hard or the 1-2 shift seems to take forever (increasing 0-60 times), walk away. If this problem is not present, be warned that there is a good chance it will appear as the mileage increases.

Apart from that, it is a comfortable highway cruiser.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2013

2008 Mercury Sable Base Model 3.5 from North America


I'm very pleased with the car



General Comments:

After much research and testing, I feel this car was the best for the money in its class.

Transmission is very smooth.. Mileage is excellent so far... Average around 25 mpg in city and my best so far on the interstate is 34.2.

I love the elevated ride and comfort of my Sable. There is much room in the front and back seats. The interior is well designed and controls are easy to use.

Storage space is excellent and the trunk space is awesome.

The engine has nice pep and power. Very pleased with my purchase..

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Review Date: 5th June, 2009

7th Jun 2009, 17:47

Don't be so fast to criticize. I routinely get 5 mpg higher than the old EPA estimates, which people complained were too "unrealistically high". You have to remember, the big, bold numbers on the sticker are an average. If you read the fine print, they say "most people will get between x and y". The EPA ratings are AVERAGES with a range, not absolutes.

If he says he got 32 mpg in a Mercury Sable, I believe it. I consistently got over 29 mpg (29.1-29.4) in a 1997 Sable with the 3.0 L Vulcan V-6, so I could believe he got 3 mpg better on the highway under ideal conditions.

8th Jun 2009, 14:13

Maybe the reviewer is Canadian and uses imperial gallons? That's an immediate 20% "improvement" over U.S. gallons.

8th Jun 2009, 22:31

I'm the original reviewer. After reading the first response, I went back to check my info. on the mileage. I got 33.2 instead of 34.2 on the interstate. Sorry about that. I was just reporting from memory. The 33.2 mileage trip was without A/C. My best with A/C is 32.2. Today (6-8-09) I checked city driving mileage again after a fill-up and it was 24.5, so I feel the numbers are pretty accurate. The EPA rating for the 2008 Sable is 18/28. Most dealers have told me that I should expect better than EPA estimates.

I am pleased with everything about the Sable so far, but the most pleasant surprise has been the gas mileage. I'm a little surprised that Ford is discontinuing the production of the Sable. It has good reviews and high J. D. Power reliability ratings.

My old car is a 1997 Honda Accord. The last time I checked mileage on it, I got 26 MPG mixed driving. I was willing to give up a few MPG for the higher driver position and extra room.

My driving habits are fairly conservative with no quick starts or stops, so I'm assuming that helps too. Thanks for the responses. BTW: My location is in the southern


20th Jun 2010, 21:20

I've got a 1998 Sable, and it's averaged at least 20 miles per gallon with just regular driving. The sticker said 18, so it's a bit above the estimate. I believe the newer ones are doing over 30 mpg.

2008 Mercury Sable Base FWD N/A - Base from North America


A great full-size car with a lot of standard features

General Comments:

My dad just received his company car today which is a Mercury Sable. He allowed me to drive it home on the highway from the dealer. This car is very nice!

The speed limit was 45 and I was doing close to 55-60mph (not intentionally). Like many Mercury's it is very easy to lose track of what speed you are traveling at.

The seats are very comfortable in the front. The back however are more on the stiff side.

Lots and lots of storage!!! Compartments, cup holders, glove box, storage in the dash...

Nice bright headlights (Halogen projection I think) and LED tail lights which are very bright and responsive.

This Sable is the Base version... I can't even imagine what the Premier engine is like.

Overall I would say this is a very nice car with lots of nice features for $24,000.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2007