14th Feb 2008, 13:08

I just bought a 1997 Sable with 82,000. This morning I found that the passenger side floor was sopping wet. I wet vaccuumed it out and had 3 mechanic friend look to see where the water may be coming from... To no avail. I thought I had gotten a steal for the price, now I'm wondering if I was respectfully robbed? Has anyone else had water on the front passenger side floor. Please help with any suggestions where it could be coming from.

2nd Mar 2008, 21:02

I had the problem with the wet floor in my Sable LS sedan. Of course, the first guess would be bad door rubber gasket. As it turned out there was some leak, but it would not certainly leave 2 cm of water on the floor after a good rainfall. The real cause of the problem is under the hood where the plastic lid with the saloon air filter is located. The water is coming from there under the panel inside the car and then is dripping down on the floor.

19th Mar 2008, 07:32

If there is water on the passenger side of the car and no antifreeze in the puddle, it’s probably condensation from the air conditioning. This condensation will accumulate even in the winter months and when not using the air conditioning. The port that allows the water to drain is clogged.

From under the car look for a drain hose running from the heating unit. Use a piece of flexible wire or speedometer cable and try to clear the blockage. This will allow the water to flow under the car instead of into it.

If there is antifreeze in the puddle, you have a bad heater core or a leak in the system.

31st Mar 2008, 15:45

Just purchased a 1997 Sable, 3 ltr, auto. The service engine soon light is staying on. There does not appear to be any indication of a problem with the cars performance. Someone said it might be an O2 censor, any suggestions on what to do.

12th May 2008, 22:37

If service engine light stays on, most likely it is the air charge temperature sensor, and this costs about 27-30 dollars. If the ABS brake light stays on, most likely there is water in the module and it needs to be replaced.

25th Jun 2008, 13:58

I also had a problem with the turn signal and emergency flasher no longer working on my 97 Sable. After sitting at the airport for a week, I found that the battery was dead, probably from having the foot light on the passenger side on continuously (I disconnected the dome light).

The airport folks gave me a jump start and noticed the battery terminal was loose even though the screw is tightened down as far as possible. I guess the jolt of the jump start fixed the flasher problem because after that, the turn signal and emergency flasher worked fine.

Maybe a jolt with a jump start will work for the others who have a flasher problem.

I just learned about the WD-40 trick and will try that out tonight. Thanks!

28th Aug 2008, 16:28

I have a 1997 Mercury Sable wagen with 48,000 miles on it. The service engine soon light stays on and the diagnosis say it's the oxygen sensor heater circuit on bank 2 sensor 1 and 2. I replaced the sensors and the light was still, so I checked the wiring, and the sensors I replaced are not getting any 12v power. Has anyone else had this problem???

28th Sep 2008, 17:40

I have a 97 Sable. I had the problem with the blinkers working intermittently and I solved it the same way I solved the problem of the Door Ajar light (and dome light) staying on. That is, I sprayed the switch with WD-40. The switch is in the blinker arm. You don't have to take it apart or anything, just spray in where the blinker arm goes into the steering column and in where the 4 way flasher button pushes down.

29th Dec 2008, 05:04

I wish I had read these comments a day or two ago. I have a 1997 Sable. Before yesterday, I never had the dome light and door-ajar light problems, and did not know they were common for this model. I thought the problem was the right front door latch not working right and pressed on the latch mechanism with my finger, somehow flipping it into the locked position so that the door will not close. I am going to have to try to get it fixed sometime today. Can anyone tell me how to do it myself, to get the door latch back into correct position to close? (ALSO: I saw the switches referred to as "anti-theft" - and FYI, my window in the same door stopped working - are these problems a sign that someone tried to break into the car that night? I was parked in a company lot where they have been having problems with that.)

29th Dec 2008, 15:26

Can anyone tell me how to do it myself, to get the door latch back into correct position to close?

That happened to me with my Ford Windstar. I used a screw driver to pry the latch back into the open position. The latch looks a bit like a "C" and I put the tip of the screwdriver into the opening of the "C"and pushed the shaft against the foot of the "C".

Good luck!

30th Jul 2009, 16:28

Purchased my '97 Sable from a car dealership in '99.

Had a problem with rear window defroster, seems the three bottom rows were not functioning. Attempts by dealer to repair by joining a possible hairline break across them failed, they still do not defrost.

The repairs began in 2001 with the starter just dying on me when I had backed out of a parking stall, could not turn key in ignition even to get it into neutral to move it out of way, quite embarrassing and needed to be towed.

The door ajar light became a nuisance about 2 years later. It only seemed to be problematic in summer/ warm weather months, as over Winter it didn't do it.

Engine needs servicing light came on about same time. Mechanic shop said it was one of the O/S sensors, and because it could be any one of eight, was not necessary to deal with since it was not affecting performance.

Changed brakes then as well.

Winter 2007 the car just died on me in January on way home, had to replace the alternator.

Found out from web search about the WD-40 fix for the interior light problem, worked like a charm.

For last 8 months I thought I had a warped rotor problem due to severe vibrating when applying brakes, but everyone who checks them says they and the brakes are fine. Took it to a new mechanic and it was determined that the rear passenger motor mount is broken.

The car currently is at 314,000 km. I like the car, overall it has been very reliable, the problems are to be expected I suppose due to its age.

There is currently still an unresolved noise, which I not only hear but feel beneath my feet when I brake and turn mostly to the left, on occasion happens when turning right, which is being elusive to all who have checked, and it is really annoying not to be able to figure it out, as shocks and suspension have been ruled out.