1989 Mercury Topaz L 2.3L HSC from North America


I love this car


So far, the only problem I've had was the alternator failing.

General Comments:

When my truck started having problems, I swore I would never buy another Ford.

I'd heard many, many bad reviews about the Tempo and Topaz, but I went ahead and bought one. So far, it's been excellent.

I bought it a month ago, had a mechanic check it over. From some of the problems I noticed driving it, I thought I would be spending over $1,000 on repairs. I'll be spending half of that.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2003

1989 Mercury Topaz GS from North America


A very nice in-city car


Most of this happened to the car shortly after 20,000 miles.

Engine block separated on one side.

Air conditioning thermostat had to be replaced.

Replaced EGR valve.

EGR valve gasket DPFE sensor.

EGR vacuum regulator.

Replace solenoid control valve recirculation EGR valve.

Vacuum EGR control.

Replace serpentine belt.

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT appeared at 40,000.

AMP LIGHT appears at 43,000.

General Comments:

Inherited my father's car at 18,000 in 1998. Father took very good care of the car. Since then, only drive car to/from work. Problems started after putting 20,000 on car. Love this car. Body integrity is good. Auto shoulder straps annoying and do not adjust to tighten passengers. Starts well in winter climate. A nice car for in-city driving. Not for long-distance trips. A/C stopped working after 8 hours of non-stop use.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2003

13th Feb 2007, 10:57

Ya I've noticed a few of those things have gone wrong on my topaz. I have an 89 and I noticed that yes after putting about 20,000 miles on it my vacuum seal went, and both of my CV Joints have blown. My drivers side just broke a couple months ago and I could never figure out why all of my transmission fluid was pouring out all over the ground. I just replaced my transmission pan and filter and then realized my CV Joint went. Since that happened, my transmission was running dry and ruined it. I've had a lot of trouble with this car too. But it is a comfterable car.

1989 Mercury Topaz GS 2.3L 4-cylinder from North America


A reliable and dependable car


The A/C has not worked since year one.

The power locks do not work. I think there is corrosion in the switches.

The stereo LCD lights don't light! I don't know what station I'm on until they tell me.

The cigarette lighter is broken.

There are many dash lights out, including half of the speedometer display.

There is rust all over, including some minor perforations at the bottom of the doors, front of the hood, and the lip of the trunk.

The ball joints need replacing.

It really needs tune up; it will stall unless you keep your foot on the gas.

There is a strong fuel smell inside the car at startup.

I had the handbrake cable cut (as it was always seizing up).

Terrible gas mileage.

Locks and hinges are starting to go. The little metal "covers" that you push aside with your key have disappeared!

The cooling system is flaky. The car tends to overheat and the temperature needle moves up and down and up and down. The cooling problem has defeated all of my mechanics.

The windshield is cracked, not from stones, but I think from some kind of twisting.

Some water comes in on passenger side and trunk during heavy rains.

Something is leaking out of the bottom.

I have replaced the battery, alternator twice, starter, radiator, and of course brakes. The front end suspension cost about $1000 to repair soon after getting it.

Water likes to gather behind the headlight lenses and splash onto the halogens, causing them to shatter. I drilled small holes in the lenses to help drain the water, but that accelerated the "yellowing process".

And now finally, the transmission and mounts are shot. $1100.00 to repair.

General Comments:

So why do I rate this car so favourably? First of all, I got it from my mother... and any car that can survive that experience must be built well.

Most of the repairs have occurred over the last 18 months. Overall, it's been a very good and reliable (and forgiving) car. And check out that mileage! This car will live on as a parts car, since most of the parts are now new...

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Review Date: 16th January, 2002