14th Jan 2006, 16:24

What the hell is wrong with you two? The Topaz/Tempo are not perfect cars, but they are so cheap to buy. The smart people buy the topaz or Tempo and the not so smart ones buy Honda Civics and other in-ports that cost a lot more and cost more to repair. Bottom line, if you are looking for a cheap car, buy from the big three (minus Chrysler).

10th Jul 2006, 00:55

Hello everybody!! I just bought a Mercury Topaz GS, and I love it. It's cheap to run, and gets me where I need to go!

I bought this car last weekend, the guy that sold it to me got the car from his aunt, all it needs is a new front right tire, and I'm buying that sometime this week. All in all, for the price I paid, it's a great car. FORGET THOSE COMPLICATED IMPORTS!!! Love my Topaz. :-)

20th Jul 2006, 09:49

115mph?... I wouldn't want to be even near it.

19th Jun 2007, 09:24

I owned a 1989 Mercury Topaz from 1993 to 1999. During that period of time I spent well over $6000 in repairs! Finally, my mechanic refused to perform any further repairs on the vehicle, telling me it's pointless. All the while Ford kept harping in their TV ads "Quality is job one." A person can only be fooled once. Now Ford is fighting for its financial life. It's very difficult to feel sorry for them.

16th Feb 2009, 00:21

I have had issues with Contours, but the 1989 Topaz L we owned from 1993 to 2004 was an excellent car. We purchased the car in 93 from a Ford dealer for $4000 with 70,000km.

Of course it was not fast, kinda ugly and whatever, but it was ALWAYS reliable. Car was scrapped around 250K because the salt got the best of it (our fault). But in all those years, the only problem we had was a radiator gone bad (was a recall). Other than that, it was very cheap to get parts for, insurance was ridiculously cheap. The 2.3L engine was not bad on gas at all either. We only ever did routine maintenance, nothing out of the ordinary was ever replaced.