1989 Mercury Tracer 2dr hatchback 2.4 turbo from North America


A bad ass car


Not that many things have gone bad with this car.

The brakes have fail recently and the muffler has had some holes.

General Comments:

I change the engine out with a ford focus.

It is a lot faster and love racing it.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004

1989 Mercury Tracer 1.6 4 cylinder from North America


Yeah, that is a K after the 255 miles on the clock


Faulty componentry:

Catalytic converter

Cancerous driver door

Nagging inability to pass emissions testing without shortcuts

Gradual piston ring wear, cause of emissions trouble

Overall age related wear to carpet, seats, etc.

General Comments:

I just can't kill this car. I drive it like I'm going for the fastest 0-60 time all the time, and it has always had sufficient response from the engine compartment. Thus, my gas mileage suffers at around 29mpg/city and about 33mpg/highway

In my near five years of ownership of this car, I've only had to do general maintenance and repair, with no major overhauls of any sort on its history

I completed a 5000 mile road trip two months ago without a hitch

I've turned a lot of heads with this car. For having a quarter million miles on the clock, it's still pulling its weight around. If I can get it to pass emissions, it may well make it to 300k miles

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2003

4th Jul 2004, 20:52

Almost a year later, I finally realized I used a frown face for this review. Should have been a smile face. der-whoops.

I've since moved on to a '98 Saturn SL2. This Tracer's final numbers (in my ownership) : a little under 268k miles with a new radiator as the only major repair, though a new windshield and right front bearing assembly are necessary.

1989 Mercury Tracer LTS 2.3L HSO from North America


Great entry level used cars


When I first bought the car.

The transmission gasket leaked

The gas tank leaked

There was a bad O2 sensor.

General Comments:

I have in the past owned other small Ford/Mercury products. I have found that the for the most part the are very abused and in need of repair. That is not to be confused with them being lemons.

I find my car fairly comfortable, nice to drive, and cheap to fix. I only find the car lacking in power. They have more than enough torque, but could use more horse power.

They are great cars for the entry level car used car buyer.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2002

1989 Mercury Tracer Wagon 1.6 from North America


A fun station wagon


Exhaust systems 3 times.

Alternator at at 145,000 miles.

Radiator 3 times.

Struts 3 times. Rear strut mounts rusted out at 130,000 miles.

Fuel filler rusted at 155,000 miles.

Replaced brakes twice, rear cylinders twice, front calipers and brake rotors at 145,000 miles.

General Comments:

Handles well, very good seats.

Would be an excellent highway car if the automatic transmission had o/d or a fourth gear.

The most trouble-free car I've owned. I've put over 100,000 miles on it in 10 years and will really miss it.

Averages 30 mpg in typical suburban driving.

Plenty of cargo space, I've carried tables, clothes washers and driers. and several bicycles at once with the hatch closed.

Poor sounding stereo, due to interior acoustics, replacing speakers and stereo didn't help.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2002

16th Aug 2003, 12:44

I just purchased a 1989 tracer wagon from a friend for $750.

I got myself a good deal. I stand 6 ft. and weigh 270 lbs, at first I did not think I could fit into the wagon.I`m amazed at the room and comfort. Great gas mileage {30 mpg} and the darn thing is peppy. I`m 57 years old and have owned many cars. This wagon is by far my life time best buy. She has 150,000 miles on her and I hope to get another 100,000 miles out of her. The previous owner took real good care of her and so shall I. Thanks mercury. Mike.

1989 Mercury Tracer 1.6 from North America


Chunk of metal on wheels


The brakes are bad. no auto parts store sell rear brake drums in my area not even the dealer. leaks oil. the gas tank leaks so I can't fill it above the 1/4 mark. all the things wrong now are because I can't get parts.

General Comments:

Handles very poorly.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2002

28th Apr 2005, 21:34

I recommend searching Google or some other search engine for parts. Just type in something like "1987-1990 mercury tracer" and you might find something.

12th Jul 2007, 09:14

Someone from a Mercury Ford dealership told me you might find parts that supply the old Mazda 323. The 1987-1989 Tracers have the same engines as the 323 but there were more 323s in production. The old Tracers were Mazdas in disguise! 70% Mazda, 30% Ford (mostly trim).