1991 Mercury Tracer LX Wagon 1.9 DOHC from North America


Peppy and reliable daily driver


Awesome car! Bought new and used as a daily driver.

No real flaws.

Regular maintenance and upkeep easy and moderate cost.

General Comments:

The Tracer has independent suspension, 4 wheel disk brakes, and the seats are comfortable on long drives.

I've been up and down the California coast. S.B to L.A twice a month. Cross-country L.A. to Kentucky 3 days.

No issues, solid road handling. All types of weather. Went through 8 Kentucky winters, snow and ice. FWD, nothing bogged it down.

Quick response and FUN to drive.

Roomy wagon area. Maybe even slept in back occasionally on camping trips.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2015

1991 Mercury Tracer LTS 1.9 from North America


The best car ever made, period


Tires, alternator, tie rods, spark plug and wires, basic maintenance.

General Comments:

THIS IS THE BEST CAR MERCURY HAS EVER MADE! This little booger is the most reliable engine I have ever driven in my life. She is not the prettiest, but I don't care, this car could easily last until 400 grand. I love it, I love it, I love it.

I currently in the process of pimping her out. Nothing's gone wrong with my beautifully built 1991 Mercury Tracer LTS. I will NEVER get rid of this car. Gotta love Ford and Mercury!

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Review Date: 9th May, 2010

27th Feb 2017, 04:36

Sure, because your Mercury was a Mazda.

1991 Mercury Tracer 1.9 w/ 88 HP from North America


I Call Her Betty


When I first got the Car It needed new tires... Not a big deal, I had to paint the fenders and trunk because of the clear coat peeling... Those were the only problems with that little slugger.

General Comments:

I don't mind this car. It idles a little rough and there's not too much power under her belt anymore, but I would buy another Tracer once this one gives out. I also own a Mitsubishi and I like the Tracer better. Its kinda funny... I Think Oh and I named her "Betty"

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2007

1991 Mercury Tracer LTS 1.8 DOHC from North America


Even though it is a small car in the SUV era, I would much rather drive an old Tracer than a new SUV


Rust above wheel wells at 160,000 miles (typical for this model)

Rear strut mounts rusted through (also typical for this model)

Exhaust leak due to rust at muffler joint at 210,000 miles.

Clutch began to wear at 200,000 miles.

Top center of windshield leaked into interior.

General Comments:

This car lasted 200,000 miles without any major mechanical problems. The typical problems that occur with any model of car occurred at the usual times with age and mileage: tires wore out at 70,000 miles, brakes at the typical time, the exterior began to fade in the sun, some rust began to affect different parts; but overall, I would buy this model all over again just to enjoy it new. After purchasing it with 200,000 miles and putting approximately 25,000 more into it, I've had to do less maintenance than on the brand new car I purchased at the same time. The 1.8L DOHC engine far outperforms the 1.9L base model, the clutch withstood an astounding 200,000 miles (and had many more to go even though it was replaced), the body style is still as appealing on the road as it was in the early 90's, and overall, the car is still an excellent value.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2006

1991 Mercury Tracer from North America


Good for the first 100,000kms, but after that I wouldn't highly recommend it


At just over 100,000 kms, the following things went wrong with the car:

Brakes went.

Rust began to eat the sides, underneath, front, and back of the car.

All shocks and struts gave out.

Wheel bearings broke, as well as the springs; my rear wheel was in danger of falling off.

Drivers' side power window made horrible noise when window was rolled up.

The car smelled as though something was burning EVERY time I drove it.

Muffler went; had to replace it.

Every few months, the car itself would sporadically start to chug, as if it was running out of gas, but it wasn't; this would cause the "Check Engine" light to go on and even caused the car to break down a couple of times; brought it in to various mechanics and was told there was "nothing" wrong with it, however when it did this it would either go no faster than 60km/hr while running at a REALLY high RPM, or else it would stop entirely; also made my engine sound incredibly loud and horribly defective.

General Comments:

I bought this car when it had only 94,000kms on it; thought I was getting a great deal at $3500, however all the parts (which were original parts) began to give out on me at about 100,000kms, about a year/year and a half after I owned it.

It was generally okay as a car for small commutes, but not for long bouts of driving.

At first the car had a lot of pep, but once it reached about 110,000kms that died down quite a bit.

I eventually had to sell this car because 2 different mechanics advised me it would cost more $ to fix all that was wrong with it than I had originally PAID for the car.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2006