1992 Mercury Tracer from North America


Economical and reliable


Transmission died at 150,000.

General Comments:

We've had two Tracers now and these things are little Energizer bunnies. I beat on my cars, but my Tracer went everywhere and didn't complain.

No, it isn't a fast or high-performance car, but the gas mileage is great and it's extremely reliable.

I probably would have gotten my last Tracer well past 200K if someone hadn't rear-ended it...

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Review Date: 21st January, 2008

5th Oct 2008, 20:59

Yes, you probably would have gotten your Tracer past 200,000 miles. Mine made it to 282,000 before giving out. Without warning the wrist pin went bad, meaning time for the junkyard. Best car I ever had. I'll miss her.

1992 Mercury Tracer from North America


Wish the car lasted longer


The A/C failed around 50,000 miles.

The car ran exceptionally well, when it suddenly began stalling for no reason. Sometimes the car would start, other times no. It then began stalling in traffic while I was waiting at a light.

It would take several tries to get the car going again.

After taking the car to 5 garages/dealerships & when none of them fixed the problem, I gave up & traded it in.

General Comments:

I would have liked to have kept the car longer, if it weren't for the 1 problem that no one could fix.

It was very roomy & a smooth ride.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2003

17th Jul 2005, 23:58

What did he do to fix it??

16th Nov 2005, 21:33

This has been a great car! However, over the past couple of years, I have been having this problem with stalling in traffic. I have changed the fuel pump once and the fuel filter several times. After the filter is changed the problem goes away for a while, but re-appears without warning. I have used a fuel additive for several years, but recently have stopped using it. In addition, a high pitch whine, like a vacuum leak, appears to be coming from under the car between the driver's door and the left rear tire. I only notice this after the car has been driven a while in traffic. I have recently had the transmission re-built, however, the problem persists. To this point, no mechanic seems to know what to do to fix the problem.

1992 Mercury Tracer 1.9L from North America


The money pit




Cooling system.




Leaking transmission.

General Comments:

My Grandpa bought this car from a dealer auction. It had FEW problems when he bought it. I purchased the car from him in October of 1999. Everything seemed fine (I wish it was the LTS).

The interior of the car is plush, soft, and has user friendly controls. A very nice and modern car from what I was used to driving.

After about a month worth of normal driving to work and back (50 miles a day) I noticed the automatic transmission was slipping. Almost felt like it was going out. Then one day it wouldn't start at all. I got a new battery and alternator. That didn't fix it. I suspect the starter needs replacement. I'm still driving the car around. There's rattles and noises when driving it, but I've decided as long as it drives, I'll just have to grin and bear it.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2000

11th May 2001, 14:52

I had a '92 Tracer that I sold with 150.000 miles on the odometer. Best car I ever owned. I tinted the windows, added rims, sun roof, stereo, never once let me down. I'm sorry you are having problems with yours. I still see mine around town, though the lady I sold it to is not keeping it in the pristine condition that I did though.