18th Sep 2005, 04:49

I bought a 1997 Mercury, Tracer new it now has 159,830 miles on it and the engine blew the other day. I am currently looking for a new/used engine to replace it. The cloth seats and carpet still look fresh with very little care. I would not trade the car for anything in the world. radio and electric windows work great. Only have had to replace the right rear passenger window motor. The best car for the money I have spent.

4th Sep 2007, 00:55

I have a 1998 Tracer with 108000 miles on it and still running great. The only problems with car was the timing belt, but they only charge me 100 not too bad. Also the A/C, but that's OK because were we live it gets up to 105 degress. Other than that it runns great will get a bigger car in the near future. Not because the car is not working it's because we have two kids and there is not enough room. GREAT CAR FOR THE MONEY.

14th Mar 2008, 01:40

Couldn't agree more with everyone. Love my '97 Tracer wagon. Bought it 10yrs. old with 34k miles (from an elderly lady who bought it new). Now at 42k miles. I LOVE this car! It's not perfect, but as far as economy cars go, I'm impressed. Seats are comfortable, even though they're hard. Interior room is good for avg. size people. Power is adequate. Fuel economy is respectable at 35mpg highway. Build quality is commendable. Interior noise is respectable for an economy car. One of the safest economy cars of it's day too. Reliability thus far has been good, but not void of issues. The airbag light comes on for seemingly no reason once in a great while. Overall, I'm impressed and love the car. Good feedback from passengers, such as "The engine sounds good", that comment coming from the owner of a 2001 Civic, and "This is a nice riding little car" from my Mother who drives a Volvo 940. I wish they still made these little wagons!

26th Jun 2008, 18:12

I own a '97 Mercury Tracer LS Sedan and so far it's been great! I'm not sure how much the mileage is on it, but it is great on gas, which definitely helps during times like these.

My mother bought it brand new, and in that time, the timing belt needed to be replaced and the windows with the exception of the drivers window no longer go down, but the car itself has given no other problems. I don't see much of them around anymore, but it's definitely a solid car, just the right amount of space and comfortable.

The upholstery is still intact, looking as good as new!