1992 Mercury Villager GS 3.0 from North America


It has been simply amazing and I can't praise its dependability highly enough


The master cylinder in the brake system needed to be replaced around 150,000 miles. That was a factory problem apparently, though I never heard about the recall until after I had the work done.

We've replaced the timing chain/belt twice as a Nissan dealer on vacation (in his new Quest) told us that if we did that every 75-90,000 miles that we shouldn't expect to have any other problems. It hasn't. At the same time, we had the water pump replaced, as it's easily accessible then. While nothing was ever wrong, this just seemed like reasonable preventive maintenance.

The headliner has come quite loose in the last year. I'm not sure how to re-glue it.

General Comments:

The Villager has had plenty of power all along. The original spark plugs finally needed changing at 250,000 miles. The engine has always been so quiet that I find myself having to check whether it's on, both from inside and outside the car.

The turning circle is smaller than any other van. It maneuvers easily. The steering is excellent. It's been nothing, but a pleasure to own and drive.

It has been completely dependable. I'm thinking about going for 500,000 miles, just to see if it can do it, as it shows no signs of degrading.

The only exception to this is that I, among others, wish that the rake of the seats could have been adjusted.

I wish that I'd gotten the ac system that provided for the rear seats.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2003

6th Feb 2007, 20:18

The Villager was introduced for 1993! There never was a '92.