1993 Mercury Villager GS 3.0 Litre SOHC from North America


Just OK; too many electrical/sensor issues prevent this van from reaching the top


Hesitation upon acceleration.

Slipping transmission.

Holes in muffler.

Bad circuitry for IAC, made the van turn off while idling. It was very dangerous, and repairs would have cost more than $500, so I rented a Haynes manual and did diagnostics myself, and found the issue to be no power for the IAC valve, that causes the van to have fluctuating RPM and dying while idling. I directly wired the relay for the FICD to the battery to give power to it, and now it works.

General Comments:

It's pretty good, like engine and tranny can last a long time with just proper maintenance.

The only problem is with its electrical stuff, such as sensors and door locks, where they break down fast and are very expensive to replace, which goes on to show just how poor quality Ford parts are, while the Nissan engine/tranny are working like new.

Sadly Ford have ruined this vehicle with their crappy parts; that's the reason Nissan quit partnership with them, and made their own totally redesigned Quest, which by the way looks gorgeous.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2006

23rd Apr 2007, 09:27

I had this same problem with a 97 villager. Same fix did the job. My door locks are erratic and my rear blower for AC and heat is not working currently. However there is a fix on the internet for the rear air blower.

20th Jul 2017, 17:53

"...while the Nissan engine/tranny are working like new"

So, "working like new" means hesitation on acceleration, and slipping?

Also, never heard of a "poor quality" Ford engine crankshaft just snapping off at the balancer, unlike the Nissan 3.0, for which it was a well-known occurrence.

1993 Mercury Villager from North America




Exhaust leak. Car services kept telling me that studs or manifold were bad. Did replaced the studs myself. Did not find no cracks on manifolds. Dealership kept telling about manifolds. Took the exhaust pipe off, the one which joints pipes from front manifold and rear. The separate joint was made of two sheet metal pieces welded together. The weld cracked and leaked loud. Bought another pipe at AutoZone, when received, likely it did not have that welded part, just two pipes welded together. $120 for new pipe and 3 hours under the van instead of $3000 dealer proposals.

Gotta replace tie rods.

General Comments:

Pretty good van, needs maintenance as any other car.

I don't trust mechanics no more.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2005

1993 Mercury Villager GS 3.0 from North America


Really good for the money


Nothing.But since last week sound like the exhaust leak, but when I touch a small valve on the exhaust, it sound less when i touch the EGR valve I hope.

Power steering start leaking and fall on the exhaust. Smell bad.

Air conditoning doesn'twork.

General Comments:

Driving it always a pleasure and it is more like a car.

Everything electrical and mechanic work fine.

Body really clean and solid.

Air conditioner jammed , no big deal for me.

Antilock, lighted sometimes?

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Review Date: 25th March, 2005

1993 Mercury Villager GS 3.0 Litre V6 from North America


Good Van, but has some quirks


Really bad hesitation and stumble when accelerating from stop. Couldnt find the problem.

Front passenger door was stuck closed. Had to nearly rip the trim panel off the door before I could get it to open. I had to replace the power lock for $70 because origenal one was broken.

Windshield washer pump sticks up and doesn't work sometimes.

Not good gas mileage.

General Comments:

Very nice quite van. Really comfertable family van with tinted windows offer really nice privacy. very comfertable seats. Very nice and modern design for a `93.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2005

1993 Mercury Villager LS 6 cylinder from North America


I like it if I knew what the problem is so we can get it fixed


Since we got the van it has been sputtering and jerking when you drive. it idles fine, but when you start to drive that's when it does the sputtering and jerking. We changed the distributor, ditributor shaft, distributor cap, the catalytic converter was plugged. Can someone pleases tell me what is wrong with it. It also backfires sometimes!!!

General Comments:

The van is comfortable and we really don't want to get rid of it.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2004

2nd Nov 2004, 09:18

You basically purchased a vehicle with 200 thousand miles on it. That is why the previous owner sold it. He or she ran it into the ground. They got their moneys worth and then some. I would look for something reasonable if the repair is going to be expensive.

9th Nov 2004, 08:09

Pure mileage should not make it run poorly. Find someone who knows cars and has some problem solving skills to find the problem, it can't be that hard.

My wife's Villager is still running strong at 273,000 miles, so don't toss it out at only 200K. In all my years of Villager maintenance I've not seen that particular problem. My guidance: if the engine sounds fine, you might have a tranny problem. If the engine is spitting and bucking, work on ignition. If it's sagging and surging, think fuel.