2001 Mercury Villager Estate 3.3L V6 engine from North America


Reliable, well built minivan, although a bit space-challenged


I bought it used, with a broken driver's side door latch (which I haven't fixed).

I've replaced a broken motor mount.

Electric motor for passenger-side window is starting to go out.

The rear window wiper is broken.

General Comments:

The van is comfortable, quick and handles more like a car than a minivan. My previous minivan was a Toyota Sienna, and the Villager is much more fun to drive. The ride is smooth, but the doors rattle and there's too much wind noise in the cabin, even with all windows closed.

Gas mileage is not very good - 17-19 mpg. I'm told by the dealer that a major tune-up will significantly improve mileage.

Major fault for a minivan: the rear bench seat can't be removed, only slid back and forth a couple of feet. This limits its capability for hauling things like sheets of plywood and building materials. It is small for a minivan - and the inability to remove the rear bench seat makes it appear smaller.

Other than the above gripes, it's been solid and reliable so far. No rust, and the leather seats and interior generally have held up very well to carrying loads of gardening supplies, big dogs, dog crates and passengers!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th January, 2012