2005 Mercury Villager from North America


Up to this knock, it has been good

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1995 Mercury Villager crankshaft questions.

I just had an interesting thing happen with my 95 Mercury Villager. I changed the spark plugs, and when I restarted the engine, a terrible knock appeared in the engine. I suspected bad plugs or possibly something dirty fell into the engine, but I feel that these can be ruled out, since the compression is good on all the cylinders. The engine has 200,000 kms. (120,000 miles) on it.

I have received two different opinions on this. First opinion from the dealer is that a piece of carbon dropped in and has been caught in the valves or something. They put in some engine cleaner and the problem seems to be better. There is still a knocking noise when the engine starts in the cold, but quiets down when the engine is warm.

A second opinion given to me is that likely the crankshaft is broken. It was just a coincidence that it happened after the plugs were changed. Does anyone know the symptoms of a bad crankshaft?

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Review Date: 4th January, 2005

1st Apr 2005, 19:37

My 95' Villager may be making the same noise. For the first 1-2 seconds after startup it is quiet... then this chatter starts. I bought it this way... and have noticed a few others on the road that make the same noise. Not sure what it is? It is kind of mysterious, I have been told everything from a piston wrist pin to a weak valve lifter or a knocking pulley in the accessories. If you find out what it is, please post the reason, for now I figure I am not going to mess with it. Mine has 137,000 miles on it and I figure digging into the engine is not worth it, especially because it runs great! Good luck!