3rd Apr 2007, 20:35

I have a 95 GS that I purchased about two years ago for 3500.00 with 93,000 miles on the odometer. The interior and exterior on this are in excellent condition as the previous two owners took excellent care of it. Right off I had to repair a broken exhaust manifold stud and I went in and replaced the timing belt, tensioner, water pump and all belts while I had it down, also the engine has the cold piston slap noise that some of these engines are noted for, but I still think I got an excellent deal. This is a great little van and I plan to keep it for a long time. Changing the rear speakers is a real hassle, but I really haven't had any major problems otherwise. It generally stays in the garage and I only drive it in the summer for the AC though. Dealer parts are mucho expensive so avoid those if at all possible.

11th Jan 2008, 08:09

Hi, am planning to buy a villager 95 gs and I will like to know the level of the van gas consumption. if its normal or does it suck gas more than other regular cars or van.

11th Jan 2008, 13:01

We have had a '95 Villager for about 2 years and I'm amazed at how good of gas mileage it gets. On the highway if you drive like a grandma you can get 28 I would say. I usuually drive at 70 and get around 26, maybe 27. I'm very impressed with the mileage it gets. Of course you sacrifice power for that, but hey it's a minivan.

20th Feb 2008, 08:02

I have a 1995 Villager LS with 130K km's on the clock.

Every 6 months both front and rear window washers malfunction because the electric motors are jammed. I have found a way of disassembling these plastic housings and to rotate the motors anchors again. A little grease on the lower brass bearing does the trick to repair these motors. I then glue the plastic motor housing back together. Water infiltration is the cause! Ford quality! Remember what FORD stands for : Fix Or Repair Daily!!!

The oil seal between the motor and the automatic gearbox leaks like a sieve, driving up the oil consumption (on the garage floor)!

Ventilation fan chirps in the winter (apparently due to poor brush holders)

Left front wheel disc brake jams from time to time, but that effect disappears when brake is cold. No need to go to garage.

For the rest a magnificent car to drive.

I'm probably the only owner that drives this type of car on LPG, consuming approx 15 lit of Liq gas LPG.

25th Apr 2008, 17:34

I recently took ownership of a 1996 Mercury Villager. It appears to be a reliable vehicle. However, the odometer is not working, but the speedometer is working fine. Any ideas on repair?

30th May 2008, 00:38

I'm looking to buy a 95 villager, it has 96k the guy who selling the car Say's their nothing wrong w/it. would you know of any tell, tell signs to look for?? thanks eager buyer.

10th Jun 2008, 10:30

I am on my way to buy a Villager 1995 (175.000 Km). The owner did many parts replacement (radiator, battery, etc..). He was a second owner when 100.000 Km. Anybody tell me about the timing belt, and is there any way to check the condition of it, because I am worried about this.

20th Aug 2008, 13:52

Like so many of the previous Villager owners' commented, my driver's side sun visor broke -"disintegrated" as one person said. Does anyone know where to get a replacement? My mechanic said they are not available, but I need a replacement. (I drive east into the rising sun in the morning and west in the evening.) I don't even care if it matches the existing color of my 1995 Villager.

I've also experienced the gas smell, windshield washer malfunction, and trouble with some mechanism that works the blower of the front fan (both heat and AC) into the cabin. Those I can tolerate; the visor I really need!


20th Sep 2009, 21:10

I found a sun visor at a junkyard after visiting 2 or 3 other shops. They had it behind the counter and wanted $40 for it. I said that was too high so I offered $20, but he said no it is a $30 part. I declined so then I called the dealership and they wanted $190! If you are lucky enough to find one get it. If not, then switch the passenger side visor over to your side.

25th Mar 2010, 21:17

I own a 95 Mercury Villager. I purchased it in Oct. 2001 with 85,000 miles.

I have had to replace my CV axle on the right side three times.

Also a problem with the gas and fumes comes inside the car.

The sun visor on the driver side needs to be replaced.

When it rains, sometimes it will stall. I also had to have the transmission rebuilt.

To be honest I did get my money's worth! It is a smooth riding car, and gas mileage has never been a problem for me.

26th Apr 2010, 12:42

I bought my 93 Mercury Villager new, and it now has 178K miles and is still running strong. Of course it has its own list repairs here and there, but nothing major on the engine or transmission.

It runs smooth and quiet on the highway, and the gas mileage is OK considering this thing was built back in 93.

The belt makes noise when the weather is humid and wet, and the cheapest way to fix it is give it a little armor all.

The repair shop always tells me that the belts are worn and need to be replaced. What I did not tell them was that I changed the belts just a few months ago.

The check engine light went on a few months back, and it turned out to be carbon clogged EGR pipe.

I read some owners have the strong gas smell problem during the winter time. All you need to do is to tighten a few phillip clamp screws on rubber hoses connecting the fuel pipes under the fuel injector. It is hard to get the screws, but that is fix.

I look forward to 200K and beyond, while my neighbors have gone through multiple leased BMWs and Mercedes.

3rd May 2010, 21:55

My wife owns a 96 Villager. Bought it with 20000 miles.

Had a recall on engine when she bought it. Ford put in a new engine, a few CV joints, front shocks, new and tires over time.

Two years ago, spent 1500, had to fix check engine light. Got new knock sensor & new hoses.

Now she has 210000 miles. Trans won't move in drive.

I am going to fix it; she won't part with it. It is the best car she's had.

I don't have to worry about her in bad weather; tracks through ice & snow great.

This has been a great van. If I could find another purple van, I would think about buying it.

19th Dec 2010, 09:02

I have a 95 Villager GS with 220,000 miles. It has never left me stranded. My only problems are the transmission bucks and acceleration is delayed, because the transmission has to catch up. Also need to replace the entire front steering/suspension.

Overall, it has been a wonderful vehicle. I have not been very good with maintenance, and the oil is still golden, although I haven't changed it in over 8000 miles.

28th Jan 2011, 02:09

About the purple Villager -- I was googling to find parts (driver's side visor!) and searched for "villager junkyard." A site came up with lots of "totaled" vehicles from all over the US, many of which seemed to be in great shape and cheap. The basic reason for totaling the vehicle is stated: theft, flood, fire, collision, unknown, etc. I guess you just submit a bid. Pictures of all sides and a description of the damage is provided. They apparently ship to anywhere in the world. I did see a van which was described as purple, but never having seen one, I thought they meant maroon. Anyway, if your heart is set on a purple Villager, it might be worth checking into, even as parts for the one you have.