10th Dec 2002, 22:57

My 1993 Mercury Villager with 130K are exhibiting the same problem. The engine just stalled after hitting 120KM/hr. Ironically, the engine didn't die, just lost all power and doesn't response to the throttle control! I have to quickly pulled it over to the curb, turned off the engine, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, re-start the engine and make sure not to exceed the 120KM/hr limit!

I have changed the crank-position sensor, the fuel pump, the fuel filters, the throttle sensor... nothing works! The Ford dealers here in Canada failed to diagnose the problem, and I'm still living with this problem today. It seems to happen more frequently during the hot summer driving season.

Does anyone has any solutions?

17th Aug 2003, 16:35

This is to comment on the Villager's power outage. About a year ago, my 95 villager's lights, dash controls, rpm gauge, there may have been more, but not all. I don't remember if the engine stopped running or not, but I do know that when it happen and I shut off the van it wouldn't start up. Then I would wait a while and it ran fine for a while. I finally located the problem and fixed it. But It was a lot of trouble shooting it. A mechanic at the dealer found it and replaced a part that had to do something with the ignition system. I can't find the receipt for the part number, but it was some kind of relay that was faulty.

12th May 2009, 15:13

My 2000 Mercury Villager Estate axle snapped. No warning --it is at the dealers now getting repaired. Backed up in a parking lot and clanked and clonked then put in drive and bucked--then just stopped. I emailed Ford--this is dangerous-and to please have all 2000 Mercury Villagers axles inspected. disappointing. I really do enjoy driving this vehicle. Still have two years of payments. Now I have concerns with long driving. Has anyone else had any problems with broken axles? Thanks. concerned.

12th May 2009, 17:39

If you bought your Villager used (and you obviously DID, as you still owe on it for two years) then it may have had some heavy abuse before you got it. Ford can hardly be held to blame for a 10-year-old used car's problems.

13th Mar 2011, 10:22

I have a 1996 Villager that once exhibited the same loss of power as mentioned by others. While on the highway on a summer day the power loss prevented me from going over 35 MPH. I stopped the car and looked under the hood but couldn't find anything. I drove home and little by little the power began to return. Five minutes from home, it hit me what the exact problem was. VAPOR LOCK! I opened the gas cap and after a long hiss, restarted the car and it immediately drove perfectly.