23rd Mar 2003, 10:16

Come on, give the guy a break.

7th Jun 2003, 07:55

I feel sorry for you man, but are you really even driving a Merkur. I have had a Scorpio since 1988, and yea, its not in perfect condition, but it drives fine, still has lots of oomph, and is extremely comfortable. I have only a few minor electrical problems, no big deal, and my exhaust system lasted to this year and this included me driving it in the winter.

23rd Jan 2005, 11:23

I have a 88 Merkur Scorpio that I drive every day and actually like it better than any car I ever had. I have had very little trouble with it. I did replace the transmission 2 years ago at 210,000 miles with used one from a 94 Ford Aerostar with 178,000 miles on it, since then the only thing I have done is change the oil, tires and front brake pads. The hood cable did get unhooked once somehow I drove it for 6 months before I fixed it, because it was well past due an oil change, but guess what the oil was black as coal and still on the full mark. I might also add that I bought the car at a salvage auction for $125.00 back in 2001 (I wonder if I got my moneys worth).

1st Nov 2007, 15:10

I own a 1989 Merkur Scorpio/Grenada and, other than the goofy spoiler on the back to conceal the third brake light and the extra plastic between tail lights, I LOVE IT!!

We had an overheating problem ONCE. That was it. Other than that, it ran, and still does... like a TOP. And that's with 125K on the speedo.

Sorry fellas, you just gotta learn how to take care of your car. Sable or Scorpio.


25th Jul 2008, 20:45

These are common problems with any car. I don't think your experiences can speak for every Merkur Scorpio ever made. Perhaps several of the parts were defective?? The Merkur line was never expanded nor held on to long enough, but was still a great idea to make a car, for example, to have all of them be nearly identical. And how many cars can you find that are that loaded?? Many recent cars have lots of features now, but these things were made decades ago, putting them ahead of their time.