1962 MG A MK II 1.6 from North America


A timeless design, one of the prettiest


Did a partial body on restoration of this vehicle. It was in clean original condition, but the motor was seized. It still had the original top and painted wire wheels.


Engine overhaul.

Braking system overhaul.

New paint.

Partial new interior.

New Dayton wire wheels.

Coker white walls.


General Comments:

Bought this car on a whim and got it at a steal. Fell in love with its beautiful lines. A guy had it under a tarp in Vegas warehouse, I was buying parts for an Alfa Romeo GTV I was restoring. He was reluctant to sell, but I had the cash. Did not run, but was an excellent "barn find", couldn't pass it up. Sold it years later for amazingly about what I have into it.

In my opinion one of the prettiest automotive designs in history. Next to the Ferrari 250 GTO SWB, Mercedes 300sl, Lancia Aurelia etc...

Light weight body with nice use of some aluminum panels.

Simple car. A real pleasure to drive and operate all the neat switches, like the dash mounted turn signal switch and the pull start.

Use carefully a delicate and finicky little car. I did not dare drive this car too hard, like I do my Alfa's.

1622 cc engine was the final incarnation for the "A". About 85 hp and can't hold its own against the Twin Cam, but much more conventional and reliable all the same.

4 speed box isn't the easiest to use, maybe rebuilding would have helped.

I would have to say performance is less than adequate. After years of driving Italian Sports cars, you get a little spoiled on their performance and handling. But still the MGA was and is an excellent vintage car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 17th July, 2007