1966 MG B MK1 1.8 CC from North America


Dead reliable and FUN!


This car had been seriously abused and neglected by others before I found it in an lot behind a Ford garage. It took a couple of years to refurbish it (while driving it) and it prooved the most reliable car my dad, I, or my wife has ever had! It had to be treated with respect and maintained routinely. But it is very simple and parts were and are reasonable. There are so many enthusiasts, help is only a call or click away. Get to know it and learn to think as the British who built it did and it's a real gem.

General Comments:

Anyone who loves animals, or other humans, or who knows one who does has seen what it takes to get along with most European cars. They are almost living things and respond to those who love and understand them. My 1971 Ford pick up (special ordered new) could have cared less. It's just a machine and the best vehicle (period) I've ever seen up close. Ford had to build em to rust, or they'd run forever. Mine is still going strong.

The MG went virtually anywhere there was a road and in all but the most extreme weather.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th January, 2006