1972 MG B from North America


A great toy.. all fun always


It seems like nothing has gone wrong with it, but I suppose 34 years can dull ones memory. I know I've replaced both master cylinders, had starter and alternator rebuilt, stripped out the smog crap, replaced some exhaust pieces and had electronic points installed. Otherwise just changing oil annually, and occasional tune-ups (every four or five years).

General Comments:

We love it. The car has NEVER failed to start. It could use fresh paint and the interior is a little tatty, but it's totally rust free and the wire wheels are tight and true. The original top is still very serviceable and looks fine. None of the dreaded Lucas electrical problems have ever occurred. Even in its DULL condition, it gets lots of attention whenever we take it out. I never have used this car as primary transportation which most certainly has influenced my opinion of the car. On the rare occasion that something wore out, I'd just put it away until I had some free time. Parts availability is never a problem and prices are reasonable. There were several Sports Car manufacturers in '72, I feel I was very fortunate to have gone British. A true Sports car through and through.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2006

1972 MG B I-4 from North America


The floor board rusted after I drove the car for 10 years, year around. when I put the car back together after I rebuilt it the windows did not roll down after I put the speakers in.

General Comments:

This car handles great and is a fun car to drive. I love taking rides in it with my 14 year old son and will one day let him take me for the rides.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2005

10th Dec 2005, 14:39

The winow problem (not rolling down) is due to the bottom of the windo frame hitting the speaker magnet most likely.