1973 MG B Roadster 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Engine threw, yes threw a rod at motorway speed (new engine needed). Then proceeded to dump oil at irregular intervals.

Fuel tank leak (fire brigade job to wash down road).

Fuel pump failed often!



Threw the prop shaft at speed.

Brakes totally failed (yes you've guessed) at speed.

Window wipers failed (in drive).

Batteries - 6 volters replaced with mini battery in boot.

Suspension - shockers were shocking!

Headlights poor.

Rusted to death (rest in peace).

General Comments:

Car of my youth - bought in haste to enjoy the summer.. looked groovy and had great heater!.. otherwise not exactly reliable though.. but that's not the point... this car liked the big occasion to prove a point.. indeed just like the car like the film "Christine" she tried to kill me often enough, but I still loved her.

Spent two years making her fairly reliable alas only for her to rust away.

She never seemed to fail me in the sunshine though and that's how I'll remember her.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 31st January, 1999

19th May 2001, 19:32

Great driving position, hood down, summer's day, pretty girl doing the map-reading. Yes!

27th Sep 2002, 19:17

Yes time is a great healer I think fondly of MGB RNY924M and the "hot" summers in the UK of the early eighties,beach every weekend etc.

Still I'm a tad uneasy about a (then) 9 yr old car that could successively throw a conrod, a propshaft and suffer total brake failure ; all at speed. Namby Pamby modern drivers don't know what their missing...