1978 MG B 1.8 from UK and Ireland


A cheap fun classic


Front Suspension king pins needed replacing.

Fuel tanked rusted.

Radiator leaked and needed replacing.

Rear suspension needed replacing.

Fuel pump packed up.

Alternator needed replacing.

General Comments:

Although there have been a number of problems I have been pleasantly surprised by the reliabilty of this vehicle. It has only left me stranded at the side of the road once.

Although it is now where near a modern sports car in terms of performance the car can easily keep up with the traffic. on the motorway it will cruise comfortably at 70 to 80 MPH. Its great fun on the back roads with the hood down. 50 MPH will feel fast with your bum a few inches of the ground and the wind in your hair.

There are lots of specialists to look after this car. Most parts can easily be obtained and are cheap.

Unless you want to do a restoration, I would advise you to buy the best car you can possibly afford. Any money that you may save on the purchase price will quickly be offset in repair costs.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2002

1978 MG B 1.8 from UK and Ireland




This car has been a very unreliable. The engine, which has all the charm of a J4 van's engine repeatedly, pinked and spluttered.

Couldnt get the gearbox into first and the diff whined. Electric's! Don't talk to me about Lucas.

When I wasn't starting it by rolling down a hill I was replacing fuses.

General Comments:

Real dissapointment. Why did I part with bluey my trusty Triumph Stag???

The engine in the MGB has about as much go as a man riding a bike with no legs.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2002

14th Aug 2003, 09:01

From the description of the problems the car had this MGB was obviously a poor example not only of the marque but of any car. All of these things, however, should have been obvious to the reviewer at the time of purchase. Of course it lacked performance - this was obviously a sick car.

A bit more detail of what was done to rectify (or attempt to rectify) the problems would let people know if the car (make/model/year) itself was poor or just this car, and whether or not repairs to all the problems was feasible, expensive or not, and/or effective.

A poor "review" of one of the last years of this classic marque, especially when the question of which transmission is answered as "don't know"???

And to compare it (performance wise, especially) to the reviewer's previous Triumph Stag is a little silly.

1978 MG B 1.8 from North America


Master cylinder leak, rear cylinder leaks, radiator problems, cooling fan, alternator, water pump.

General Comments:

This was my first car, I still have it and enjoy working on it, which is good cause I have to often. Lately I have had very few problems. Eventually I'd like to restore it, but it is great to drive now. Fun car, but not one to rely on.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2000