1968 MG BGT 1.8L from North America


An outstanding bargain for the price


Replaced radiator and water pump, as well as all hoses, as a preventive measure. I live in Arizona and it is rather hot in summer. Cooling system must be in excellent shape to prevent over heating.

Oil cooler developed a leak.

Alternator and starter replaced.

General Comments:

The MGB is one of the easiest cars to work on that may be purchased. I bought a 77 B roadster for my daughter to learn to drive on. She helped to restore it and is driving it while in college. Several times, when there have been problems, she has fixed them on the road. I purchase a new 79 MGB in Germany and drove it for just over five years. One of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. A properly "sorted" MGB is fully as reliable as any car ever made. They do, however, require that the owner keep them in good running order by performing the factory specified periodic maintenance. If this is done, they are more reliable than most cars of similar vintage.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2002