1974 MG BGT V8 3.5 V8 from UK and Ireland


A proper sports car at a sensible price


The main problem is the exhaust manifold leaking, particularly on the off-side. This obviously causes a lack in performance, but was difficult to repair as there is not a lot of room with a V8 fitted in there so it was hard to mend the cracks and re-bore and re-thread the holes where you join the manifold to the engine.

Everything else has been easy to repair.

General Comments:

Very good acceleration, particularly in high gears.

Great sounding car.

One of less than 2,000 made as it is a factory original.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2004

1974 MG BGT N.A. 1.8L from North America


Great styling, fun, history and culture


Blew the motor (bad oil pump), replaced it with my old roadster motor, scrapped roadster.

Several alternators went "out".

Suspension was replaced.

Speedometer went "out" at 72K.

Clutch failed at 114K.

Suspension failed at 114K.

Electrics failed at 114K.

General Comments:

I wish I still had this car, but I sold it to an MG mechanic when everything failed at once and I was in the middle of a move.

I converted the suspension to tube shocks and put in really stiff truck gas shocks, put on Monza exhaust, mahogany wheel, mahogany door sills on top, lots of other interior goodies, it was white with no rust, and always started!

I drove this car daily, in Chicago, even in -20 degrees. It always started with synthetic oil. I parked it on the street! The I drove it across the Eastern and Southern halves of the U.S., settling in New Orleans. I still drove it daily and lived there for almost a year, drove it to St. Louis for Grad School and continued to drive it daily. Then I moved for Law school and before I left everything broke.

Great handling, I out handled a mid eighties Trans Am and even a '92 Volkswagen GTI in the turns. Not a fast car, but great rewards for the driver who isn't afraid to rev it high, keep it there and take turns just a little too fast. Repairs are so cheap who cares if it breaks?

Great parts availability and easy to work on and/or cheap to pay someone else to get dirty. Plus you get the awesome GT styling which in my opinion is better than the roadster. I could cruise with this thing at 4K plus on the tachometer for hours. Wish I had a V8.

If you're looking at one and the price is right don't hesitate. Prices have for some reason gone up over the last few years. This isn't a Jag or an Austin, it's an MG.

The clubs are cool, too.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2003

1974 MG BGT 1.8 petrol from Germany


Great classic sports car


Not much, but I usually renew items before they get suspect (e.g. brakes, ignition).

General Comments:

High quality of build, very reliable if properly maintained.

Mine has been slightly tuned (stage 1 - air cleaners and exhaust), so the performance is OK.

Overdrive gives relaxed cruising.

Steering very good, handling on good surfaces quite pleasant. Doesn't like rough roads (no surprise).

Not particularly silent, but a pleasant sound. Booped old British machinery...

Very easy to maintain, parts availability excellent, parts are reasonably cheap. MGOC a great club.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2001

1974 MG BGT 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Quite a bit, but all parts available, and actually enjoyable to work on. Great to modify, too.

General Comments:

Best support sports car in UK, makes you smile to drive it. Makes the F look plain safe and dull.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 1997