28th May 2004, 04:05

I must disagree with the belief that the spitfire is better. The MGB is a far prettier car, mine has given me lots of joy and I'm only 21. Mine has been modified for modern day use which allows for better and faster driving. Its comfortable, shiny and very good with the lady's so no it is not for middle aged men in stripey jumpers and flat caps!!

22nd Sep 2004, 06:11

Sorry to hear about your bad MG B experience.

I recently purchased my MG B for £1000, its immaculate. I had it checked out by two mechanics before purchasing it, which I feel was your mistake with your MGB, dealers are crooks!

Its funny you went onto a spitfire, as I had to choose between an MGB and a spitfire. The MG B seems to corner far better, and looks more "classic" (opinion)

I'm only 19 and the ladies seem to love it, which my girlfriend doesn't appreciate!

I'm trying to put a stereo into my MG B, but am unsure if the battery will support a stereo, any advice?



15th Jul 2005, 14:18

Regarding the Spitfire vs. MGB debate, personally I've always considered them to be roughly equals. I own and very much love both cars.

20th Dec 2005, 16:24

Weren't both cars built by the same company (British Leyland I think it was called back then)? I like both the MG-B and the Spitfire, but neither one is seen very often anymore on US roads...

12th Jul 2006, 23:46

It is unfortunate you had a bad experience. BGT's won't overwhelm you with power, but given your mechanical problems you may not have been running properly from the beginning.

I have always enjoyed B's, and I'm on my third and second GT. The GT is an elegant car, while the Spitfire is a bit sportier in appearance. Nothing wrong with the Spit, or the GT-6 which I think is one of the prettiest TR's ever. At the same time, it is incorrect to characterize MG drivers as tweedy elders. If you had a good BGT in the first place, this whole post would be very different, and I suspect your stance toward the owner community would be as well.


1st Aug 2007, 06:41

The B is much more tune-able than the Spitfire and first time you experience the triumph's tuck under suspension you will find out why!

I have driven, rebuilt and worked on Stags, Heralds, Spits, B's and Midgets for the last 25 years. Best handling of all these is the Midget, give one a go when you get a chance, a Frontline modified Midget is a revelation and one with 100 plus BHP is right giggle.

I currently run a 1950cc 1969 BGT with Weber carb, modified brakes and modified suspension (stands me at £3000 and is near concourse and almost everything is new). It will run rings round a Spitfire in reverse, and this is a heavy long distance cruiser, not a sports car! (and that's without going to V8 power).

Two of my mates owned spits when we were younger. The guy with a 1500cc couldn't get anywhere near my 1275 Midget at the time and eventually he got the tuck under on a smooth, fast bend and was off into the scenery. Bye-bye Spitty, I couldn't rebuild what was left so we broke it for bits.

The other was an earlier 1300 - he hit a lamp post when pressing on (yep, suspension tucked under and wiped out). He sat there dazed for a few seconds before BANG, the lamp unit fell through the roof and landed in the passenger seat.

I do offer my sympathy for the bad experience you had at the merciless hands of the dealer, maybe you should have joined the MGOC first? Incidentally I'm not that old and I don't possess a flat cap.

22nd Nov 2007, 15:26

Shame about the bad experience, but I have to say I wasn't too impressed with the MGBGT first either (changed now though!!) I first had a Spitfire, did it up when I was 17 and was my first car, absolutely loved it and I still rate it very highly. I sold it as it just got too old and I wanted a newer car, but I did test drive a MGBGT rubber bumper version, think it was a 1.8, not sure! But I wasn't too impressed with it. It wasn't my car and I was going slow and felt all the bumps, not for me I thought and I have been turned off MGs until around 2 weeks ago! I have just bought a 1972 MGBGT, what an awesome car!! I've never had a car that handles so well!! I'm actually trying to avoid motorways as the B roads are such fun!!

All I can say to the gentleman that started this thread is not to judge on a bad experience. I too had one and I listened to my dad going on about how I had missed a great deal when I didn't buy the rubber bumper MG!!I thought he was just wanting to relive a bit of his youth, but not so! I think the MG is a definite grower! If you go from a new car to an MG and don't thrash her round the corners, then she will probably feel a bit dated!! Get on a little road and try to keep the back end in, going as fast as you can!! Awesome fun!!

7th May 2008, 14:59

Well...well... I found all these postings very informative! I had an Austin Healey 3000 BJ8 for about 30 years, it has the world's worst driving position, but none the less a really great classic car. When I was offered a price I couldn't refuse, I tried an MGC GT - quite nice but not really a "sports" car. Meanwhile I had two MG Midgets which were great fun, one extensively modified and very quick, but they are just a bit too small. I test drove a Triumph Spitty and did not like it at all - it was a disappointment because I wanted to like it.

Then fairly recently I purchased a 1973 MGB Roadster with spoke wheels in blaze red - immaculate - what a car - I'm the second owner - first owner kept it immaculate for 31 years! I love it so much, I'm now looking for the same year MGB GT. In fact I think I have found one and will be going to see it (many miles away), and will probably end up buying it, also spoke wheels, overdrive and only three owners! The rubber bumber MG's came out in 1974 - I don't like them much...

And by the way I AM an old guy with a flat cap! But no striped jerseys; and I'm not a member of the local MG club, but if I do end up with two MGB's, maybe I should join?

Good Luck to all 1973 B owners!

13th Jun 2008, 00:53

It was great to read these comments, At the moment I'm looking for a nice mgb gt. These are classic vehicles with a lot of style, and not too heavy on the pocket.

Triumph vs MG, unless you want to spend NZ $25000 on a TR6 or $35000on a TR4a, which I rate as classic sports cars and would be happy to own one. Value for money MG every time. Forget the spitfires, these are just heralds which have been tickled up.