1997 MG F VVC 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Whenever I see one now I can't stop laughing


Head Gasket Blew at 48000 miles.

Starter Motor Replaced.

Oxygen Sensor Replaced.

Fault on VVC system prevented Revving past 5000RPM (expensively fixed by dealer, finally after 3 attempts)

Complete Failure of VVC unit causing shearing of Valves. Complete new cylinder head required.

Numerous Hydragas Suspension Problems, the car was often lopsided.

Coolant pipe leaks.

Assorted rattles and squeaks from dash area.

General Comments:

This car looks quite appealing at first glance. Nice styling especially with the half leather interior. That I'm afraid is really all it has going for it.

Performance is adequate, but by no means quick. Handling is OK, but not sharp, my old Mk1 Mr2 was superior.

The main problem with this car is the ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL reliability and build quality. Buy one of these and expect to spend a lot of time and money trying to keep the heap of junk on the road. Its not just me, do your research (I didn't!!) they are renowned for their awful track record. The head Gasket is an accident waiting to happen, it WILL go (if it hasn't already, and even if it has already been replaced it will probably go again).

My MGF was without doubt the worst car I have ever owned (and i, ve owned a Metro! Why I went back to Rover I will never know).Don't let the pretty looks fool you, after you've owned it for 12 months you will come to despise the sight of the thing.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2004

18th Feb 2006, 14:13

I'm afraid this person is spot-on - I had an MGF for a while and while I admit it was great in the summer (not difficult for a convertible!!) and though I didn't have head gasket problems the amount of small things that went wrong quickly are frankly too long to list here - from leaks to brakes to build to everything. Whether the TF was better (possibly as cars improve toward the end of their production line) I don't know, but this heap of rubbish is, for me, the worst of Rover. Cheaply put together (the 'spang!' of the doors closing still makes me wince), and just...awful. Totally unreliable. I needed all of my dozen years' sales experience to flog it to someone to get my money back. A lucky, lucky escape and a lesson: if you buy cheap you'll pay more in the end. Get an MX5 instead - it's on a different planet in every way, and is one of the most reliable cars ever built.

1997 MG F VVC 1.8i VVC from UK and Ireland


Great fun, great looks, built to budget and noisy


Previous owner:

Minor electrical faults required new wiring loom

Radiator replaced

Battery and alternator replaced

Needed new brake hose.


Struggled with cold/wet starts, replaced spark plugs and leads - now starts every time.

Misfiring from above problem shot the catalyst to pieces replaced quite cheaply.

Exhaust fell off! Note that it was a sports exhaust, but the design puts a lot of stress on the mounts.

Loads of squeaks and rattles, particularly annoying one in drivers door,

General Comments:

Great Car. Not the most reliable, very noisy and rattles like anything, but realy fun to drive and looks the part.

Handling is good, but not the best in its class. Engine very responsive and smooth throughout the rev range - really shines above 4000 though.

Fuel consumption is OK if you keep your speed down and don't push it, but rubbish if your having a bit of fun.

Really noisy car, you can't hear the stereo on the motorway, but who cares - I like listening to the engine anyway.

I've heard a lot of problems with tyre wear; If its set correctly and you put a good set of boots on it then its fine. If your prepared to fix some of the minor problems yourself its really cheap to run too.

Shame on those drivers who keep the roof up in the summer!

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Review Date: 14th October, 2004