1976 MG Midget 1.5L from North America


For hobbyists only


What hasn't gone wrong with the car?

Brakes, carburetors, engine replaced/rebuilt.

Driveline problems, body rust, generator.

Various wiring problems, headlights, taillights.

Heating, windows stuck, wipers stuck.

General Comments:

Admittedly the car was a "TLC" case when first acquired, but it became a garage lizard as soon as it arrived. It spent more time on blocks or in the backyard than on the road. It was kept happy though... there were Austin Minis back there keeping it company.

I can't believe this car came from the same country that made the Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire. I'm not sure why the Midget was ever made as the regular MG is small enough as it is.

Performance is nil, and creature comforts are nonexistent. After spending 2 years fixing the car it was sold to some other hopeful dreamer. Parts were easy to obtain via the trusty JC Whitney catalog, but getting the car to work for long periods of time without breaking was a major task. I think the secret to this car is knowing the black art of tuning the carburetor. I think only the evil Solex carburetor in my 1971 Opel GT was worse.

As an optimist, I can report however that during the brief periods when it was functional, it was a fun although rather quirky ride.

Overweight people need not try and wedge themselves within. The gigantic steering wheel is puzzling, must be a British thing.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2001

22nd Sep 2002, 04:31

Oh dear what a lot of moaning minnies we have!! There are plenty of MIdgets out there, so there really is no excuse for buying a rotten one. The rubber bumper cars are not the work of the devil, and handle every bit as well as my MIni cooper. The (again evil!) Triumph engine is much smoother than the overbored A series, and you don't need to rev it stupidly high to get some go out of it! All Midgets are old and are cars for people that are willing to tinker with them themselves.. I suspect some people on here would be better off with a Honda civic instead. They are small, hence the name midget and I really don't see why people complain about it, it's bloody obvious!! They are surprisingly roomy inside (I'm 6'4" and have no problems at all. MIne despite being cheap and superficially rusty/tatty always starts on the button and is as relaible as the day is long. They are very easy to work on with the minimum of tools and parts availability is second to none... and cheap!! Buy one with the right attitude and enjoy this fun classic!!

1976 MG Midget 1.5 1.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


It's had a new (modified) engine 10 years ago. Also a new gear box. Some body panels have been replaced.

General Comments:

A brilliant car, which, once the engine and suspension have been sorted provided hours of fun on sunny days.

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Review Date: 26th August, 1997