1977 MG Midget from North America


Fun to drive!


We have not had any problems in the 6 years that we have owned the Midget. Growing up, my dad always had an MGB, and I know he did have it in the shop quite a bit.

It's a fun car to drive - however I'm 5'2" and I need a boost to see over the steering wheel, and my husband is 6'2" and he has trouble getting in and out because he is so tall. So it is an awkward fitting car. The steering is very tight.

We had to drive the interstate home when we purchased the car, and it was a little scary... I could have fit under a semi, and you really don't want to go very fast in this car as someone else had mentioned.

General Comments:

This car is lots of fun to drive, and definitely turns heads. In fact when I see it parked in the garage, it makes me smile, it's so small and just so much fun!

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Review Date: 6th February, 2010

1977 MG Midget 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Great fun to drive!!



Head Gasket


Clutch Pipe


Exhaust fell off

But given the cars age and how I tend to drive it I can't complain...

General Comments:

If you are looking for a cheap car, you can use reliably all year around and covering long distances you are in the wrong place. If however you are after something to have fun in, buy one now. I have never had so much fun driving any other car. People who have modern cars with far more performance still find driving these cars amazing fun.

Seriously I know people do use these cars daily and they can be very reliable, but be warned if you want one you must be willing to spend time or money maintaining the car. Personally I have enjoyed the experience of learning about cars from carrying out most the work myself.

While Midgets can be used for long distances they aren't the most comfortable or petrol efficient of cars, also in winter the cars aren't ideal.

Having re-read this I realise some of it is quite negative, but I think that's cause I want to be realistic to anyone thinking of buying one. They are great cars to own and drive when they are working and the sun is out.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2006

2nd Jul 2006, 10:25

1977 MG Midget = 30 year old toy!