1980 MG Midget 1500 1.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Too much stuff to list here - usual suspects are wheel bearings, big end bearings, alternator, front and rear suspension, master cylinder, etc etc.

General Comments:

Don't rely on one as your only car, expect to pay out regular amounts of money in repairs, make frequent trips to the filling station, don't plan on carrying anything bigger than a Mars bar in the boot, but get the roof down when it's sunny and you'll forgive everything.

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Review Date: 15th April, 1998

14th Jun 2001, 14:33

You forgot to mention that it RUSTS & RUSTS & then it will RUST some more. But great fun.

26th Oct 2001, 07:14

You both forgot the fact that on top of all the other faults, they also LEAK... mine also had a carb problem which meant that it wouldn't run smoothly on hot, sunny days. Still, you could catch some rays whilst waiting for the AA.

5th Feb 2002, 12:39

The engines on these don't last long as they're designed to go in the Triumph Spitfire, which doesn't have a large structural beam right in front of the sump which allows the oil to overheat. Rebuild it properly and, most importantly, fit an oil cooler - and it's a whole different engine - a reliable and relatively long-lasting one.

4th Dec 2003, 05:30

From original writer:

Yes, they rust and rust... and rust. That's why I finally gave in and bought an MX5.

Yes, it leaked until I removed the front wing and welded up the rust hole in the footwell.

Mine had an oil cooler fitted and I modified the front valance with two cooling slots so it never overheated.

Use good quality oil and the engine will last 100k miles.

Piston rings can go at 80k commonly - easy to replace.

It was a lot of fun at the time.