3rd Jan 2003, 06:04

I own a MG ZR 105+ and I think it has a great engine and it turns real quick. I'm not very happy with the quality of some parts in the interior or switches, but it works.

12th Jan 2003, 10:30

We have a ZR120+ which has the 1.8 engine. Performance is quick with useful, strong pulling power in the mid-range compared to the 160 which we have also driven. The car has covered 8,000 miles and the engine pulls more strongly now than when it was newer. Steering, ride and handling are all strong points. The car has character and is entertaining to drive.

Our dealer, Mantles in Letchworth, have resolved minor problems effectively, so they have not spoiled our enjoyment of the car.

We intend to keep this car for a long time, but if we needed to change, we would consider one of the updated 2003 ZR's perhaps in one of the rarer monogram colours.

11th Mar 2003, 04:45

Me and my girlfreind are looking at getting a MG-ZR. They are a nice looking car, but obviously we don't know anyone with a ZR. We are concerned about reports of teething problems. If anyone can recommend the good points and bad, please message for the attention of AA.

30th Mar 2003, 19:01

I've got a yellow ZR 160! I love my car and his performances, the sound that he does passing by shuts up all the city! I've got the ZR for 6 months and I'm not disappointed, I still enjoy every night when I meet some other sports car's and go for a race!!!

I'm only 20 years old, and I own one of my dream car's!

The ZT 190 sportswagon is also very cool if you choose a nice color!!!

12th Apr 2003, 12:41

The MG 105 is a great car for the money and you won't get more for the money. The only let down to the car I felt was the build quality could have been a little better and also the engine was not a fast as the figures suggest. The 1.4 rover engine revs very high with ease, but it doesn't seem to have the racing urge. In order to get the most out of the engine you really need to rev it high. It handles well, but I'd recommend the 160 if you're after performance.

10th May 2003, 09:55

I bought A ZR 105 at the end of march, not found many faults with it, The only being it is a bit noisy, but good looking car.

26th May 2003, 12:19

We've just purchased a new ZR 105. Just read a few of the comments suggesting it's a noisy car, just want to say the car is meant to be noisy and is supposed to give a nice rich, full exhaust noise. But, if this is still causing problems for some owners or even potential buyers you could think about adding an extremely loud audio system! We highly recommend all the ZR's in the series. It's just down to you to choose which one you be best suited.

22nd Jun 2003, 11:50

I'm eighteen and I have a ZR 105. Looking at a 1.4 engine the ZR was by far the best. The engine aside, the exterior of the car with 17" alloys is a real head turner. The interior is a little dull, but is well compensated for by the handling of the car.

3rd Jul 2003, 00:31

MG ZR 105.

Great looking, love it.

Mechanically I am chuffed with this car.

BUT its really noisy. So far:

- Loose rear spoiler - three times.

- Rattle in passenger door - twice

- handle to lift driver seat (2 door) broken last week.

Dealer in Belfast fixed all the issues under warranty after a few visits (They even kept the car for two days on last visit).

Rattle in drivers door has not returned.

One Major issue (as far as I am concerned) After 6 months the drivers set tore (at a seam). Belfast dealer told me they would order it. Since then I have been told there was a fire at factory and on another occasion that it has not been ordered (we have no recollection of that sir.. type story). This is a real grip. Its been going on far a year! On top of the fact that they broke the clock at last repair and now refuse to fix it!!

It is a great car despite all this.

29th Jun 2006, 11:30

I have just brought the ZR standard model. It does not have electrics or central locking, which I would have liked, but the price I bought it for, it didn’t really matter too much.

The car is a real head turner, I love it. I have the car of my dreams at 19. I only passed my test Feb this year, and have managed to buy it, and I love it to bits.

I had a Rover 25 before, and I didn’t think a ZR would be much difference, but boy was I wrong. The handling, the interior, is so much better. I’m glad they kept the Rover 25 dash as I love that.

The only complaints I have is the driver door lock is so stiff I sometimes can't open the door. LOL I arrive in style and then have to get out other the other door. Lucky I’m small.

Apart from that, as you guessed, I love it so much, it's my baby.

3rd Aug 2006, 05:57

Hi, I'm thinking of buying an MG ZR 1.8 (not the 160 model because of insurance). Anyway, could anyone help me with picking the best type of model? Which one comes with electric back windows etc? A reply to this comment as soon as possible would be very handy.



8th Oct 2006, 05:11

Whats it like to get parts for the MG ZR?

1st Apr 2008, 21:46

"What's it like to get parts for the MG ZR?"


They stock the spares for all Rovers and MGs, and will also give your directions for your nearest approved service centre.