2nd Jun 2005, 15:43


Its only quick if you are used to driving Very slow cars!...say 900cc to 1.2litre 8v.

Otherwise its SLOW, its not even a warm hatch its only got 105 bhp and it weighs some! It rivals Nissan micras for performance.

14th Jan 2006, 07:29

I used to have a Micra Sport+ 1.4. TBH, I reckon it could keep up with a ZR 105. However, that's not really much consolation for having to drive a Micra!!!

Neither a Micra or a ZR 105 will match a 2.0 Mk4 Golf GTI to 60... I know, my dad had one, and it could do 0-60 in 9 seconds, and 120 mph, which is hardly fast I know, but its still faster than either of those!

25th Feb 2006, 04:51

Just talking in general, not just about the MG, it really gets my goat when people say "you can't go above 70 anyway" that's just quik answer for not having a fast car when you want one. If you had it you'd speed, I'm not saying its wise to speed everywhere, but fast cars are for fun and there are places to push them hard. Just be carefull!

30th Mar 2006, 16:13

I have a ZR “115” TDI and when I first got it I immediately realised that it was a little quicker than my last car, a VW golf mk4 GTTDI 130 with better fuel economy and without a painfully loud turbo whistle! 9.1 sec 0 - 60 (standard) is rather good from an oil burner and I recently got mine chip tuned, £530 well spent as its now pushing out 150bhp and gets to 60 in 7.2 seconds, outstanding.

I have had a couple of problems, the power steering pump has failed once and the interior door trim clips that hold the trim to the door panel will brake at the drop of a hat, but who really cares when your leaving the driver of the BMW Z4 chocking on diesel smoke at the lights!

Just don’t tell my insurance company.

25th Apr 2006, 12:00

I have a zr 105 and have spend some money modifying my engine. I have only spend just over £100 and have had my car up to 120 mph, so for that small price your 9mph is made up on the golf. Also the car was still going , i only slowed down as there was a car approaching.

24th May 2006, 19:49

Hey All. I'm currently looking around to buy a second hand car. I came across this MG 105+ ZR FaceLift model that is being sold for £7000. I'm only 19 and a student so I know my insurance would probably cost me something like £1000 too.

The car is registered August 2004 and looks great by the looks only. Now tell me how is the petrol consumption? I'm only a student I don't want to end up paying all my money for the petrol!

(The car has all the options!)

I'd appreciate if you help me out. Or if you can suggest any replacements for this car, preferably Convertible.

7th Dec 2006, 10:32

Whats this top speed of 111mph in a mg zr 105 all about? I've had 125mph out of mine with a full car on a trip to oakwood without the rev limiter bouncing. it didn't seem to have much left in it at all though. Yeah the fuel consumption isn't bad either. I usually get about 80 miles to £10 but you can push it to 95 miles, but the needle will be just past red. you will need to fill up quickly in this case.

6th Mar 2007, 08:27

I've got an MG ZR 105, and the car is brilliant. The car flies! A Saxo hasn't got anything on this car. I drove both. The MG pulls you back into the seat, unlike some! And the Golf GTTDI is 0-60 in 10.2, the MG is 10. It's quicker than a 2.0 Golf on pull off haha!

15th Mar 2007, 07:23

I just bought a ZR 105+ about a month ago and I love it.

It's pearl black and I have the Rally Pack 2 (17" wheels).

The car always puts a smile on my face, the higher it revs the bigger my smile.

It's faster and better looking than any VTR I have came across, and the grip I amazing. solid build.

When I got the car my Dad was giving me a hard time because it was a small engine (the only bad thing he ever said about it), that was until he had a go on a back road and he has never had a bad word to say since.

Would I buy another ZR, in a heart beat, but the 160+.

20th Mar 2007, 16:57

I had a crash yesterday in my 1.7 Puma yesterday and it's pretty much a write off (R-Reg with 117000 miles on clock). Been out and bought an 04 ZR today, but must say, either I've been spoilt by the Puma, or I've REALLY forgotten how slow 1.4s are.

The puma did 0-60 in 7 seconds, but anyway... I like the look and feel of the way the ZR drives (else I wouldn't have bought one...), just PLEASE...Don't call them quick.

22nd Mar 2007, 13:13

0-60 in 7 seconds in your Puma!! Please!! What did you have, a missile strapped to it!! :-)

26th Apr 2007, 06:11

The 1.7 duratec puma puts out 130BHP and in a car that has a net weight of nothing that gonna be quick.

But the ZR is far from slow fine the 105+ is no Honda civic type R, but for a 20yr old guy that can't get insured on a type R for another year this was a pretty good settlement. but its no slow, but I must say its not a rapid car. I still don't regret getting a ZR and this is coming from a ford man, I stand by the blue oval, but this car opened my eyes just a wee bit.

6th May 2007, 08:54

Mg rover is over!

24th Sep 2007, 14:24

I don't think you did 0-60 in 8 seconds in a standard 1.7 puma let alone 7 seconds, as the racing puma with 153bhp can only do 0-60 in 7 seconds flat on a very very good day. These pumas (130bhp) only manage it in 8.5 seconds, still very respectable, but not what you were saying. The MG 105 does not do 0-60 in under 10 seconds, it does it in 10 or just over, so the 1.5 seconds between the two cars will be very noticeable.

25th Sep 2007, 13:07

The MG ZR 1.4 is faster than a mk4 Golf 2.0 GTI! If you don't believe me, go to Parkers car review and have a look. The Golf GTI 0-60 is 10.2 and the ZR 1.4 0-60 is 10.0.

Also the people who say they are slow talk rubbish. I have an MG ZS 180, which is fast. I also have an MG ZR 105, which is pretty quick even after driving the MG ZS 180.

26th Sep 2007, 06:34

'The MG ZR 1.4 is faster than a mk4 Golf 2.0 GTI! If you don't believe me go to Parkers car review and have a look.'

Oh, well done you managed to pick the slowest of the GTIs! (One that doesn't really deserve the badge) The 1.8 & 1.8T GTIs are much faster.

1st Oct 2007, 16:47

Well yeah, but the argument is that the 2.0 gti is quicker than a 1.4 zr. I agree the proper gti is the 1.8 gti turbo.

2nd Oct 2007, 03:24

Golf gti's are slow, end off, they are too heavy and underpowered.

26th Oct 2008, 15:11

I picked up a 105 ZR Trophy SE a couple of months back and am delighted! What a great car!! It moves, it still even now looks better than all the competitors, it handles better than any fwd car I have ever driven (and I mean ANY right up to NOW) and it gets admiring looks from people when you drive past them.

It is a lovely car and it shows how far ahead of the game MG were in 2005, even with their limited budget! and proves how good the basic Rover 200/25 design was to begin with and still is even now!

Personally I think they should have shoved the 2.5 ZS engine in it too, just to prove what a great design (and chassis) the ZR/25's is and certainly better than all those stupid French and German half hearted Euro boxes.

It's a real shame that many of the British public seam to get satisfaction out of slagging off Rover, even when they got it totally right!

Shame on you : (

26th Jul 2009, 11:13

Go out and get a Rover 45 1.4i 16v S. I bought one, and what a car it is...