2nd Sep 2005, 07:46

Good man, totally agree mate.

8th Sep 2005, 17:28

Agreed 100% - I've only owned my Mark II ZR for three weeks and am therefore still running her in, but the difference in ride and handling already is way above that or my Rover 25 1.4 (84Bhp).

I for one am proud to own the machine. With 5 miles on the clock when I got her, with the 17" alloys, side skirts and the rear extensions, with the MG mud mats and colour coded fog light blanks... for £8995 with £1999 trade in for my old 25...

Who can complain.

I do wish though that the other half had let me spend £1000 extra for the ZR160 :)

12th Oct 2005, 10:54

I am proud owner of an MG-ZR+105, which has the added extras. After reading all other reviews, I totally agree with how much work MG have put into this car, and disagree when people call it a Rover. After owning a Fiesta 1600Si, which was my first car and was very nippy, I then saw the car I really wanted, which of course was MG, being that step ahead of the rest when it comes to hot hatches.

I really love my new car, and it's great fun to drive, and also quick off the mark as well. It's a head turner, and good with the chicks too.


25th Oct 2005, 08:17

^ useful comments there??? I doubt you even have a car or indeed posses a licence.. anyway back on topic;

I just purchased a 105+ Mk2, and must say I am happy with it. The 1.4 is a good engine (had a rover 214 before this) the engine performs well, if you want something with real poke then go for the larger engine sizes. I would happily say this is a hot hatch, the fiesta XR3I was considered a hot hatch as is the Saxo VTR, as was the Escort XR3I, this engine produces around about the same power as these - thus I consider it a hot hatch, remember a hot hatch is not just determined by engine power, its the whole package...

Granted the build quality is pretty poor, I have rattles appearing in mine with only 800 miles on the clock, but I don't care, if rattles bother you, don't buy one!

The handling is supreme, it really cannot be faulted, firm, direct and tight - I love it.

As for the looks, well I think the Mk2 is a great improvement on the Mk1, and brings the model up to date, Mine came with the side-skirts and rear bumper extensions etc etc I think they work very well.

I get fed up with reading lamers comments on how it isn't a hot hatch, it's a 25 with a body-kit (well duh! you don't say) etc etc, this car is not an S3 - its not meant to be, it's a simple, affordable fun car... it's a 25 that has been tweaked to be more sporty and appeal to a different market.

I am happy with mine, that's all I care about :o)

25th Oct 2005, 08:25

Oh, just one more reply to Mr 13th Oct...

"Heavy Body-kit and Alloys"

If you have ever held the components of a body-kit you would know they weigh very little - all that's extra on the ZR is side skirts and larger rear boot spoiler... they weigh less than 20kg.

I don't understand your comment about heavy alloys either? I am intrigued to know what else you could use other than alloy?

26th Oct 2005, 08:09

There's patriotism and there's paying modern car money for something that was only average when launched nearly a decade ago, and has only since been tarted up with bodykits and alloys. There are far worse cars you can buy, and I'll even admit reluctantly that it looks half decent in some colours, but to say it's a patch on more modern competition strikes me as having swallowed a bit too much MG Rover marketing blurb.

27th Oct 2005, 02:33

Stop slagging of this car!! For the money it's a good buy, and 0-60in 10.9sec is more than adequate for the roads.

14th Nov 2005, 09:27

I've just put a 500 quid deposit down for one of these. its brand new - unregistered, you get air con, full electric pack and half leather trim. they look class. for this brand new car I'm paying just 5695. 5695!! for a brand new car! I don't care what people say, my brother has even said it's a hairdressers car, but what else are you gonna buy brand new for under 6000? a daewoo matiz?

14th Nov 2005, 11:51

The 105 ZR isn't fast, a Nissan Pulsar is fast, however the 105 is nippy and it'll keep up with most cars on the road. I brought my ZR trophy SE about 3 weeks ago (from new). It looks great with the new front grill, side skirts, rear bumper, lexus lights and half leather interior. I love my car, maybe because I'm a "spotty teenager", or maybe because it just grabs everyones attention, mainly the girls. I've just started taking it over 3,000 revs (now that I've done about 750miles) and it is fun to drive, you can speed into corners and it just holds! I brought a ZR to get me to and from work everyday in comfort and in style, and it does just that. I have no complaints...

15th Nov 2005, 05:41

The new ZR is a fantastic car for the price, for what you get it really cannot be beaten - and they are pretty nippy - the handling is awesome.

7th Jan 2006, 22:02

It is any wonder we are the only major European state without its own indigenous car industry, with people are bitter, ill-informed and generally downright idiotic as some of the people on these boards.

Many manufacturers base their GTi models on 103BHP 1400cc units. Rover had this as a standard feature on its 214 series back in 1995. Just try and give me a credible retort to that statement of fact...

14th Jan 2006, 07:26

The point of the ZR 105 is basically a nippy city car that is pretty stylish and well kitted, and handles well, which is really all you need for the roads in this country.

Personally I like hot hatches, but you have to see this car for what it is, and its no more than the above.

Of course its not a hot hatch, but so what? For a hot hatch you need the ZR160. However, even they are not all that fast... I had a race with one of those when I had my Mk2 Golf GTI, and he could only just pull away... which is disappointing considering my Golf had 112 bhp and he has 160!

20th Jan 2006, 17:22

Was he even trying?

21st Jan 2006, 08:38

Yes he was trying. Infact he was revving the hell out of it, not that it mattered. Also was definetly a zr160. Slow car.

19th Feb 2006, 13:53

Got my ZR105 18 months ago. People slate these cars for no reason. It's never even had to go for any repairs.

I had a 206 GTi, which I hated and sold it in less than 3 weeks, never again. The only problem with the ZR is a few rattles, but they go when you pump the stereo up.

I've never had a car that turns so many heads and comments on how well it looks. People that slag MGs have never had one or drove one, so how can they comment, I will be keeping mine.