5th Jan 2006, 18:43

I own a 2002 MG ZR 160, I bought it brand new nearly 4 years ago, and nothing, I repeat nothing has ever gone wrong with it. It looks good, it turns heads wherever it goes and I have never been beaten by anyone at the lights. It IS very fast (if you have the ability to drive it right!) I am fed up with people slagging them off and saying they are nothing, but a glorified Rover! There is a massive difference, I have owned a Rover 100, three Rover 25’s and a Rover 45 (so I think I should know!!!). At the end of the day there is only one word for those kind of people – JEALOUS!!

14th Jan 2006, 07:34

I had a race with a ZR 160 in a 112 bhp Mk2 Golf GTI, and he only just pulled away, so I don't think they are all that quick really, because the Mk2 was pretty slow all things considered.

I've got a Clio 182 now, and I reckon it would be quite a bit faster than a 160, because its certainly a lot faster than the Golf!

16th Jan 2006, 07:59

All I can say mate is the guy driving the ZR didn't drive it properly, I have left golf gti's standing so I would sure leave your 112 well behind!!

16th Jan 2006, 12:06

To be honest I don't think you would. No offence.

17th Jan 2006, 16:36

I was the one who made the comment about the Golf GTI, I thought he would leave me well behind, but he didn't. You might be right, maybe I was a better driver than him, but I was still quite surprised.

Then again, the Golf is only a 920 kg car, so its not quite as slow as you might imagine.

20th Jan 2006, 16:54

I'm sure you were the better driver as I find that so hard to believe. Also are you sure it was definetly the 160 version as I know a lot of people have bought the 160 badge and put it on there 105 or 120! You can still tell by other things on the car (skirts and tail pipe etc). Anyway enjoy your clio and I will continue to enjoy my ZR and just remember if I see you at the lights it will be out of my rear view mirror!!!

22nd Jan 2006, 09:46

It looked like a 160, that's all I can tell you. The only other thing is, he nearly lost it twice trying to outcorner me.

24th Jan 2006, 16:19

Must have been a lookalike then as one thing I can assure you is that the 160 sticks to the road like superglue!!

21st Feb 2006, 11:20

I own an MG ZR 160! Trust me, it's a wicked car. It's got all the sports stuff you need, and is eye catching. Girls love these MG's. I've had quite lot of races and the MG hasn't let me down. I raced a Civic v-tec, and blew it in 1st gear.

It's a car you have to buy!!!

15th May 2006, 13:34

I own a MG ZR 160 and its fast, my mate has a Clio and he has admitted the Mg is far the faster car. There are a lot of Rover 25 which are made up to look like a MG ZR, but without the handling or the braking of a 160 MG. Just look on ebay the 160 MG Zr badge is so easy to buy to stick on your none MG ZR 160. I love my MG ZR 160 and it gets all the looks as well as out performing most cars.

9th Feb 2007, 02:30

Hi, I'm looking at getting a new car with a top budget of £5000, I love the MG ZR, but am not too sure which to get, I'm an 18 year old student so saving on insurance will be quite important. At the moment I have a 1.25 fiesta which is as slow as anything, I want something quicker and nicer to look at! I currently pay around £120 a month insurance.

Any help / advice welcomed, thanks!

9th Feb 2007, 09:57

I used to have an MG ZR (now have a lotus exige)

Nothing went wrong with this at all. Personly I think it is an exellent car and is really under-rated. It is a nippy car that can give a lot of other cars a run for there money!

10th Feb 2007, 10:47

'I currently pay around £120 a month insurance.

Any help / advice welcomed, thanks!'

My advice... spend more time looking around for cheaper insurance, that's extortionate, even for an 18yr old.

12th Feb 2007, 03:21

I own a MgZr160 and yes its pretty Nippy, but that's about it. Will be selling it on soon, going to get a clio 182 sport as I raced one the other day and got BLOWN AWAY. The Zr160 is mearly a warm hatch, with reliability issues. Its got to go!

12th Feb 2007, 09:12

Sounds like the zr160 is slow beaten it with my Fabia vrs.

21st Jul 2007, 10:25

Mark - I'm going to buy an MG ZR 160 in the next couple of weeks... I think they look sweet.

I used to own a 216SLi Rover, which was kicking out around 115bhp, and that was nippy, so I can't wait to see what my 160 will be like...

2nd Oct 2007, 09:14

The zr 160 rules. whoever said these things stick to the road likes super-glue was absolutely rite. my mate has one and I brick it when he goes around a corner fast, but he doesn't flinch and the car goes round without hardly any body roll!

27th Apr 2008, 17:34

Most of the above comments sound boy-racerish!

Very poor build quality typical of the late MG/rover's. Lots of squeaks and rattles develop on low mileage cars, Along with niggling electrical faults, and cheap looking/feeling build materials. The dash looks very tacky and leather tears very easily. One of the only good points comes with a downside... being that the engine is pretty bombproof once the headgasket has been changed.

And to be fair they aren't all that quick either. I have left my mates one for dead time and time again in my Golf Mk2 16v. And I can tell you he knows how to drive.

9th Jan 2009, 13:13

A re-mapped fabia VRS is 175BHP, so don't be surprised if one beats the 160 ZR, it will have more torque soon. I am looking at the 182 and the 160 ZR, and the amount of people who mention the head gasket and general reliability issues with the ZR is not good!

Taking both for a test drive tomorrow, at which point I will make up my mind.

4th Feb 2009, 12:38

The MG ZR 160 is a fun fast car, but needs to be revved to the limiter for performance, that's where the majority of the power is. Definitely worth a look at.

8th Apr 2009, 13:51

I sold my Fabia VRS to get a MG ZR160, and there is no comparison, the problem is that the VVC is hard to drive (fast), I test drove 3 more before I bought this one and changed gear at 4000 rpm, little did I know what happens after that! Even with a re-map (my Skoda was mapped to 160bhp) there is no comparison, the problem is people don't down shift in MGs, you can drop it into 2nd at 50mph and it pulls!! For looks and performance nothing comes close for what I paid, well done rover/mg, can't wait till I can insure the ZT260!!