24th Jan 2006, 04:43

Let me tell you guys the truth about the MG ZR - They have an acient engine, interior falls apart after 6 months of owning it. The door skirting on the drivers side is held on by a single bolt which loosens and makes the door rattle...

I paid 10k for an 05 plate 6 months ago... I am now selling it for 8k... was it worth it! NO..

1st Feb 2006, 14:19

Yes, it is a shame about them going bust. MG and Rover cars are still available to buy from new. The badge has been modified, and I am not sure who took over the company. If it was that British guy or notm I do not know.

Anyway, MG cars do look good; nearly perfect. It is a shame most cars on the road in Britain are not British, but that is because there are not many British ones left. Years ago they were Austins, Morgans, Rovers, and Jaguars etc. To get a British car nowadays, it means a Rover or MG, or spending loads on a Bentley or Jaguar. Us British are not exactly dominating the car sales anywhere.

By the way, if any of you car fans are interested, Morgan are celebrating their 25th Anniversary by making a special car. Looks very traditional and sporty, and has all the latest safety features. It will set you back around £27,000; great if you have the money.

5th Feb 2006, 17:28

Hi, Just a quick question for you ZR owners...

What tyres are you all running? It's just that I bought a 120+ about 4 months ago and love its handling in the dry, but as soon as the roads a little bit wet, the back-end is too keen to want to go at high speed. Mine's running on the 17's. Currently got Federals on (they came with the car!) but there's plenty of meat on them! So I don't know what to do! Suggestions...

21st Feb 2006, 11:26

About the MG ZR 160. When the company went down, so did the MG's. But the MG's will carry on - the Chinese comapny took over the MG brand. Rovers are gone, never to be made again, but the MG's will carry on.

I went to the dealers - they told me that the MG's will be made in China, and the chinese people who took over the MG brand will bring them to UK and other countries to sell them. Just wait and see what happens.

12th Mar 2006, 10:58

I have a MG ZR+SE. It goes like hot snot, but I would like to find a body kit that actually looks smart and I can get hold of. someone please reply!!!

16th Mar 2006, 08:08

I am a 40+ lady, just acquired 52 plate MG ZR, X Power Grey, absolutely love it, drives fab, looks fab, wished I had bought one sooner,

2nd Apr 2006, 14:58

My 05 mg looks good, but rattles come from the dash, what could this be.?

15th May 2006, 15:06

Hi I own a MG ZR+ but my boot is leaking very bad. Its the face-lift model on a 54 plate. My warranty I got with the car does not cover water ingression so the garage will not fix the problem, can anybody help me fix this..ta.

7th Jun 2006, 08:24

Just bought an 05 yellow MG ZR Trophy. How can anyone say they are poor? They are cracking cars... fair enough they do look a bit dated in parts, but the engines are virtually bomb proof. Need I remind people they use the Rover K Series engine in things like Caterhams replicas etc because they are quick and reliable.

The ZR is a great cheap little car nowdays. Nothing basic about the outside and the insides are fine. So what if the don't look WOW! They're made for driving enthusiasts, not critics!

23rd Jun 2006, 05:50

Hi to all who have an MG (ZR) 160. My car is under 3 years old, and has only done 27,000. It's just cost me £800 pounds to get it fixed. The problem was a head gasket, and no I don't boy race, I am a mother with 2 young boys.

25th Jun 2006, 05:02

I own one of the first new shape MG ZRs (2004). I think the car is solid, and after an accident (which was my fault, its only done 2000 miles) which cost me £5000 to repair, I'm finally getting it back on the road! I can't wait to get the looks at the lights, and start cruising about with the new mods that have been done to it!

The only gutting thing about owning an MG ZR is that X Power (modification company) won't make new parts for them any more! Other than that, the car's phat!

26th Jun 2006, 11:15

At the time of purchase I was really looking forward to owning a ZR. They do look sporty and with MG going under prices seemed reasonable. I think they were a bit over priced before, I mean come on it's just a Rover with a few sporty extras!

Having owned the ZR for just over a year now I have to say they are terrible cars! Rattles and squeaks from dashboard & seats, cheap interior trim, squeaking breaks, engine sounds like a diesel after only 8000 miles (apparently there's nothing wrong with it!), leaking boot. I could go on and on, but I don't want to get myself all worked up because this car makes me mad!

22nd Sep 2007, 15:42

I now own an MG ZR 1.4 facelift 05, and all I can say is wow. It's only got 18,000 on the clock, it's fast for a 1.4, and I don't know why a few of ya got a cheap interior; mine's leather and makes no cheap sounds.

15th Nov 2008, 08:26

I just bought an X Power grey 54 plate MG ZR+ 105 with 18,000 miles and the head gasket went within the first few days, 2 days after new head gasket its gone again..... great

Excellent apart from that!

14th Aug 2010, 03:19

I bought my 05 plate ZR 18 months ago. It's now got 19500 miles on the clock and I love it. She's xpower grey, got all the body kit mods on from the factory, trophy back lights and a stainless steel exhaust, and the nicest mod I think she has, is instead of the dull boring old dash clock, she has a perfectly fitted digital clock with inside and out side temperature, and it looks factory fitted. Everybody with a ZR who sees it wants one. It's half leather interior, and I'm now in the process of putting M3 mirrors on, and I've got some rather nice carbon look interior door release catches to fit, instead of the chrome ones.

26th Jan 2013, 17:41

I'm 41 and I have one! In fact I get looks from the 20+, wishing they could have one! Mines a 2005 1.4 ZR.