1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL 3.0 from North America


High performance, poorly made rip off


This car has continously had problems since I got it. When I first got it, it failed emissions and I needed to get a new timing belt to fix the problem (put in new serpentine belts and water pump while the engine was opened up). Total cost= about $850.

After that, the front right control arm just fell apart, Total cost = $750.

After that, front left wheel bearing needed to be replaced, total cost = $350.

Rear rotor replacement = $250.

Needed to change spark plugs. Total cost = $125... that's right, for SPARK PLUGS... really good design there, having to take off the entire manifold to get to rear 3 plugs.

Currently, the rear wiper does not work, the power antenna does not work, the front end feels terrible, one of the speakers is blown, and the clutch needs to be replaced. No matter how much money I put into this car, I continue to have serious problems with it.

General Comments:

I would generally just not reccomend this car, based on the experiences I have had.

It has very strong performance, but is generally not worth the price and does not get very good mileage.

The upkeep costs on this car have been mind boggling, the above listed problems are just what I can remember offhand.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

14th Nov 2003, 07:34

I have a 94' 3000gt with over 100K miles on it and the only problems I have had with it is a bad alternator and I just replaced the tires. The car still runs great and I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a fast and well built automobile.


1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT Base 3.0 V6 from North America


Good car, if ya can find one cheap VR4 is worth every penny


It was a used car so I figured it would have some problems. Alternator went out and let me tell you it is not fun to change one in this car.

General Comments:

I bought this car as a daily driver because I am having my 93 RX7 rebuilt. I went out to find a sporty car and I found this 3000GT and I must say I got a great deal on it only paid $6000.

This is just a base so it is front wheel drive (my first sports car with front wheel drive). The torque steer is unbearable as is the under steer.

0 to 60 is good and the handling is OK. This car is very heavy, about 3300 pounds and only 222 horsepower.

If your looking for a non vr4 3000GT, buy a 240SX or the MR2.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2002

18th Mar 2003, 12:55

I have 2x 3000GTs, one is a VR4, and I got them both with a good deal. I have owned them for more than 2 years now.. they both were used cars. The black GT is non-turbo, and the VR4 is pear white... They both are very fast cars.. I spent enough money to upgrade both cars, in and out... I also have an Acura Legend Coupe, and the Isuzu Rodeo SUV... The black GT, I had to replace the R/F CV joint, and clutch, and master cylinder... but it also has 144k miles.. It's a 1992 car. It runs really good now..

Now on the VR4, it's the best fancy sport car for the money... You can spend 15 grand and get a used VR4, and have a lot of fancy features with it, and not to mention the power or hp.. I have had 2 Corvettes and 2 Porsches, and 3 Camaros.. but the VR4 is my favorite.

Thanks for letting me share. My email address is <jvgunsaurora@yahoo.com> Sincerely..