11th Jul 2005, 18:03

What I would suggest is Making sure you have an Extended service contract for atleast 2 years from the time you buy the car.

Now I wonder if it would be valid, since they stopped making Gts in 1999.

1st Aug 2005, 14:56

Re: Buying extended warranty (service contract) for Mitsu 3000GT SL. Yes - you are correct - this vehicle can be extremely expensive to maintain if you need replacement of key parts. I understand repairing the auto transmission alone can cost you almost the book value of a early-mid 90's GT. Most of these 3000GT's have mucho miles on them and a service contract company isn't likely to write you a policy unless the mileage is on the low side (<80K). IT will be expensive, however, so check before you buy (~$2K for 2 years). I had a '94 SL which was OK, but was disappointed in the numb handling and power. The heavy curb weight drags it down quite a bit. Test drove a '97 SL and same story. This thing needed a bigger, more powerful engine, like the 3.5L Nismo used in the Z car. Styling, however, even this long after it's been discontinued, is still one of the hottest to ever come out of Japan, IMO.

29th Mar 2007, 07:32

I own a 1995 Dodge Stealth, which is virtually identical to the 3000 GT, and comes out of the same Mitsubishi factory in Japan. These are well-made cars that are very reliable over the long term - right up there with the best Hondas and Toyotas.

Don't be frightened by the cost of parts, you won't be buying them often. In addition, there are a few owners' club websites where you can source parts inexpensively, a fraction of the cost of dealers' parts. Check out are: www.3si.org.

I would avoid the AWD Turbo models: both the automatic and manual transmissions tend to require rebuilds after a number of years. I have the 222-hp front-drive model (with a 5-spd stick) and it's served me extremely well.

24th Mar 2008, 00:16

I'm looking at a 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL model. I am 18 years old and I'm wondering what my insurance rates would range from. If you have any ideas e-mail me at nick-piper@hotmail.com.

29th May 2009, 22:34

Well I own a 1999 3000 GT SL. Yes parts are expensive if you break them, but the car is all worth it.