1991 Mitsubishi Colt GL 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Designed to last, be reliable and a damn good workhorse, as well as excellent on long trips


Well basically I'd just like to point out, I bought the car for £100 and it was my first car, it was kept in the drive for a while until I got my full licence.

Anyway, things that went wrong... absolutely nothing apart from the alternator several thousand miles down the line.. had that re-furbished which worked fine.

I must admit the tyres wore a bit quicker than expected, but being 155-60 size, they were only £30 for a pair from my local scrapyard... parts & labour. basically that's about it really, she has really been a soldier throughout the time.

General Comments:

Oh I just loved this car, it was an amazing machine. I kept the weekly checks in order, as I do, and she never needed anything apart from of course the windscreen washer reservoir.

Everytime... start.. go... come home.. engine off. Sometimes there was the odd funny moment where I'd turn the engine off after a long trip, and it would turn off.. turn on.. then idle for about 2 seconds and turn off again. But that's just down to the carburettor, so nothing major to worry about.

Overall, comfortable, very quick round town for the age and engine size, but that's the Japanese 12V engines for you.. small but a hell of a lot of torque.

Interior parts, trims etc. well I would say very well built. Compared to most other cars, it feels very solid inside, seats are good and comfortable, every control is in easy reach for the driver.

Long trips are just as good. I've driven mine several times from Bournemouth to Thorpe Park, West London, and well it drove just perfect.

Engine can get a bit loud at higher revs, however that 12V does give incredibly good sound. It does get a bit out-of-steam at higher speeds, but this wasn't built to be a high-speed cruiser, however it does do its job very well all round.

Mechanically, it feels really solid for its size. Basically, I would highly recommend this car, it is designed to simply last, as with all Japanese cars.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2008

24th May 2009, 13:46

Did it really cost 100 pounds??? Wow, that's cheap.

I'm from the Republic of Moldova, and here a COLT GL 1994 costs about 2500-3000 euro...

1991 Mitsubishi Colt GTi 1.6 16v from Romania


A little piece of EVO


Engine hesitates when pushed under 3000 RPM. Never solved this problem. I've just converted to LPG and the engine runs great this way.

Front shocks and ball-joints changed. Something normal on our roads.

Electric windows miss-aligned. It bothers me on rainy weather only.

Electric sunroof leaks and roof rusted real bad. I've cut down and replaced with a standard roof.

Right drive axle replaced. Very expensive parts and some don't fit. For example lower ball-joint plays in original arm so have to buy a new arm, drive axle head don't fit so I have to buy a new axle.

General Comments:

This is the best car of this class and age. Except the roof that I have been replaced it is rust free.

It's made to be hard driven. Fast on corners with no body roll. It doesn't under steer or over steer.

Top speed is about 210 Km/h and reach that point real fast. No side wind effects.

Never seen an 1.6 16v NA engine with 126 Hp and a 7500 RPM redline.

ABS is doing it's job. Power steering heps.

Plenty of space in front, but the front seats are placed between the back seats occupants legs.

Forget about the boot space. It is just enough space to install a woofer.

Overall it's a great little unnoticed performance car.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2007